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WorldSouth East AsiaMalaysiaLumut
04°14.130'N, 100°38.350'E Chart icon.png
lat=4.2355 | lon=100.639167 | zoom=14 | y

Lumut is coastal town/harbor in in the state of Perak, Malaysia.


See Malaysia.


See Malaysia.


See Malaysia.


  • Pulau Pangkor (Old Historical Island with many historical sites, Hotels, Chalets, Homestays, Fishery, Old wooden boat building, beautiful beaches, Jungle tracking... etc)
  • Pulau Sembilan (Island Hopping, Island Camping, Cruising, Mooring, Diving, Snorkeling & Fishing)
  • Pulau Jarak (Diving & Fishing)
  • Pulau Talang ( Mooring, Snorkelling, Fishing)


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


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Use one of the marinas.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Lumut International Yacht Club - World icon.png 4°14.2′N, 100°38.4′E. Facilities: Modern berths, Water and Electricity, metered; Laundry & Showers. Market, restaurants, shopping Center, Internet are all within walking distance. Larger towns ten minutes by bus
    • Lot 4182 Jalan Titi Panjang, Lumut 32000, Perak, Malaysia
    • Phone: 60-5-683-7800, Fax: 60-5-683-7700
  • Mr. Chan’s - World icon.png 4°16.25′N, 100°40.1′E. A basic, do-it-yourself appearing yacht/marine yard with a grid of unknown capacity, and a number of boats on moorings, unattended or fitting out. Ten to fifteen feet in mud; anchor or take a mooring. There appears to be a fuel pontoon here, but did not stop and check.
    2008: We tried to haul out here, but it was very difficult to arrange anything
  • Kampung Bahru - World icon.png 4°17.79′N, 100°38.40.09′E. Moorings of questionable condition, RM3/day in 1999. A quiet and secure anchorage, but hot and windless with ample flies. See Mr. Zainal or Osman. If there appears to be no one around, do not panic. Take a mooring and you will find someone eventually, probably before you leave. A number of boats moored here while owners were traveling ashore. There are facilities for do-it-yourself repairs ashore at the end of the rustic pier. You will find more sophisticated electrical, engineering and welding facilities in Sitiawan. Check with the Chinamen in Kampung Bahru for basic stuff be-fore going all the way into Sitiawan; they stock a pretty wild assortment of goods.
    2008: Haven't been there. According to a sailor anchoring on the river who's been cruising the area for couple of years: not safe, many mosquitoes and moorings in bad shape.
    In nearby Sitiawan are numerous hardware stores, 2 good foundries, 3 super-markets, bakeries, s/s welders, stationary stores, plastics warehouses, and just about anything needed to complete a job. A 30c-bus ride takes one to Lumut and an excellent lumberyard, while a $1.50 bus ride takes one to Ipoh’s machinists.
    2008: bus is now 1 ringgit.
    Then there’s the wildlife, not necessarily a benefit. Tiny bats like to nest in comfy mainsails. You can take care of that by removing it or tie a line around it. There is a 60-lb. monitor lizard around here but he is a timid fellow and will flee from yotties. He has been aboard most boats in the anchorage via anchor chain or fenders, but leaps overboard as soon as discovered. Smaller ones have been seen swimming around. Sea snakes masquerading as floating twigs are everywhere but they are extremely timid. They are amusing to watch; catching a breath of air they stiffen their upper body, then bob it out of the water exactly like a twig. There are also sea eagles, multi-colored kingfishers, swallows, mosquitoes (dawn and dusk), and flies. Large fish and otters thrash about the boat in the middle of the night.
    • Mail: To Post Restante, Sitiawan 32000, Perak, Malaysia
  • Pulau Talang - World icon.png 4°25.2′N, 100°33′E. A good spot to layover for an early morning start on a daylight run up to Penang.
    Anchor in 15-20 feet, off the sandy beach in the cove on the mainland, opposite the small island, Pulau Talang. When coming up from Lumut, starting at Beacon “Lloyd” (Fl Q Red) you can pretty much rhumb-line it, “Lloyd”-Tanjung Hantu-Pulau Talang, keeping a close eye on the fathometer and maintaining a minimum (2001) of no less than twenty feet all the way. Pass within 100m of the lighthouse on Tan-jung Hantu. Extensive sandbars, shown on the chart, are found a little farther out.
    The nearest internet cafe is CCA 300m from marina in the direction of Lumut center. Opposite to it is a nice Chinese bistro.
  • Pangkor Marina


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Water port or marina name/wiki/Lumut#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3Eport_or_marina_name.3C.2Fspan.3EWater icon port or marina name [[Lumut#port or marina name|port or marina name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
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Toilets ?
Showers ?
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Garbage ?
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Chandlers Marina had a list of stores on the information board by the toilets. Not yachting specific, no SS 316.
  • Nearby sawmill has relatively cheap teak etc. Contact Julian for more info.
  • Mike the mechanic: 0165432507. Many refer to him as the best diesel mechanic in Malaysia. Our experience proved this. Speaks perfect English and Hokkien Chinese.
  • Nearby (by taxi) gas station will fill jerry cans.
  • Kerosene hard to find, only one or two Chinese hardware shops had 2l cans.
Repairs Service shop or marina name/wiki/Lumut#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EService_shop_or_marina_name.3C.2Fspan.3EService icon Service shop or marina name [[Lumut#Service shop or marina name|Service shop or marina name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Internet WiFi in ?
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Eating out

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  • Location1
Name/wiki/Lumut#.27.27.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EName.3C.2Fspan.3E.27.27Eatingout icon Name [[Lumut#Name|Name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx .


  • Marina Island Pangkor ( Hotel, Commercial Center, Ferry to Pulau Pangkor, Marina Facilities)
  • Lumut (Engku Busu Hill Climbing, Naval Township, Hotels, Commercial Center, Taxis, Buses, Money changer, Tourist Information Center)
  • Sri Manjung (10 minutes from Lumut Town and Marina Island Pangkor to Shopping Centers and buses to KL)
  • Sitiawan ( 15 minutes)



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Places to Visit

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  • Julian: 0142539570. Email. Nice and helpful guy. Has a woodworking shop opposite to gate leading to the berths.


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  • * Lumut at the Wikipedia


See Malaysia.


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