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Andaman Islands
There are Port(s) of Entry here
11°40.000'N, 092°46.000'E Chart icon.png
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The background an history of the region is best observed on Wikipedia

The coasts of the Andamans are deeply indented, giving existence to a number of safe harbours and tidal creeks, which are often surrounded by mangrove swamps. The chief harbours, some of which are very capacious, are (starting northwards from Port Blair, the great harbour of South Andaman) on the E. coast: Port Meadows, Colebrooke Passage, Elphinstone Harbour (Homfray's Strait), Stewart Sound and Port Cornwallis. The last three are very large. On the W. coast: Temple Sound, Interview Passage, Port Anson or Kwangtung Harbour (large), Port Campbell (large), Port Mouat and Macpherson Strait. There are besides many other safe anchorages about the coast, notably Shoal Bay and Kotara Anchorage in the South Andaman; Cadell Bay and the Turtle Islands in the North Andaman; and Outram Harbour and Kwangtung Strait in the archipelago.

Also see the Nicobar Islands

Samosas, Saris, and Shopping

Transport on the island is by local bus, taxi or the more popular three-wheel, motor-powered tri-shaws. Horns tooting, Indian music, overtaking and threading your way through the wandering herds of cows and goats, buses and cars, motorbikes and pedestrians, makes for an exciting ride. The brilliant colours and sounds of Indian life surprise you at every turn. Women are beautiful saris gracefully parade by. The smiling faces, friendly welcomes, and well-stocked markets make provisioning a fun experience. The food is sensational, and Port Blair is hard to leave.

Favourite Andaman Anchorages

Isolation, drift diving over coral gardens, fishing at sunset, sandy beaches, gin-clear waters, cool nights, good sailing winds, and water temperature 28º - what more could a cruiser ask for?

Enjoyed isolated Rutland Island/wiki/Andamans#Rutland_IslandAnchorage icon Rutland Island [[Andamans#Rutland Island|Rutland Island]] 11°25.034'N, 092°36.710'E . Discover fresh turtle tracks on the beach, for it was egg laying season. Make day sails from here to isolated reefs and swim with schools of large Double Headed Parrotfish, Moray Eels, see crayfish hiding in rocks and millions of beautiful reef fish.

Havelock Island, beach #7/wiki/Andamans#Havelock_Island.2C_beach_.237Anchorage icon Havelock Island, beach #7 [[Andamans#Havelock Island, beach #7|Havelock Island, beach #7]] 11°58.000'N, 092°57.000'E

is also a favorite. Three elephants walk briskly along the white sandy beach most days, the females occasionally splashing in the shallows, then head into the trees for their daily watering. The bull elephant stops at the local spa and was fondly bathed by his two faithful mahouts. Ashore, a great Italian restaurant. Fortunately, tourism here is low key, back-packer based and easy on the pocket. The local market town on Havelock Island is a delightful experience. Ginger spiced samosas, enjoy a glass of chai and stock up on fresh produce picked at local market gardens.
There Are Some Challenges

Havelock #7 beach often has great waves, just perfect for boogie boarding and body surfing. Catch a few waves and chill out before late afternoon fishing. However, arriving by dinghy on this beach is often challenging. Stripping off to minimum clothes becomes the norm, pull the dinghy up above the high tide mark. Later spray on lotion to ward off the sand flies and relax! It is still a favorite anchorage.

Inglis Island/wiki/Andamans#Inglis_IslandAnchorage icon Inglis Island [[Andamans#Inglis Island|Inglis Island]] 12°08.181'N, 093°06.494'E

You can anchor in a stunning passage between two islands, inspect the reef by dinghy, trawling a lure as you go, catch a Polkadot Cod, oohing and ahhing over the underwater delights. Even a crocodile! Inglis Island is so beautiful, so dangerous.

The biggest challenge is dragging yourself away... unfortunately, visitors to the Andamans are only allowed 30 days among gracious people.

Andaman Islands
Typical Andaman Village scene


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Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name


The Andamans themselves may be described as normal for tropical islands of similar latitude. It is warm always, but tempered by pleasant sea-breezes; very hot when the sun is northing; irregular rainfall, but usually dry during the north-east, and very wet during the south-west monsoon.

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Islands in the Group

North Andaman North Andaman /wiki/North_Andaman Needs data icon – needs data |
Little Andaman Little Andaman /wiki/Little_Andaman Needs data icon – needs data |
Middle Andaman Middle Andaman /wiki/Middle_Andaman Needs data icon – needs data |
South Andaman South Andaman /wiki/South_Andaman Needs data icon – needs data |
Port Blair Port Blair /wiki/Port_Blair Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
Long IslandLong Island/wiki/Long_Island,_Andamans Needs data icon – needs data |
Rutland IslandRutland Island/wiki/Rutland_Island,_Andamans Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |
Ross IslandRoss Island/wiki/Ross_Island,_Andamans Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |
Tarmugli Island Tarmugli Island /wiki/Tarmugli_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
Inglis Island Inglis Island /wiki/Inglis_Island Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |
Cinque Islands Cinque Islands /wiki/Cinque_Islands Needs data icon – needs data |
North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island /wiki/North_Sentinel_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
South Sentinel Island South Sentinel Island /wiki/South_Sentinel_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
Neill Island Neill Island /wiki/Neill_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
Kyd IslandKyd Island/wiki/Kyd_Island,_Andamans Needs data icon – needs data |
Havelock IslandHavelock Island/wiki/Havelock_Island,_Andamans Anchorage icon – anchorage |
John Lawrence Island John Lawrence Island /wiki/John_Lawrence_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
Henry Lawrence Island Henry Lawrence Island /wiki/Henry_Lawrence_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
Outram Island Outram Island /wiki/Outram_Island Needs data icon – needs data |
North Passage IslandNorth Passage Island/wiki/North_Passage_Island,_Andamans Needs data icon – needs data |
Barren IslandBarren Island/wiki/Barren_Island,_Andamans Needs data icon – needs data |
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