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Bunbury, Western Australia (Port of Entry)

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32°20.4′S, 115°38.5′E
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History of Bunbury as per Wikipedia

Tourism info here.

Local Bunbury City council info here.


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Hmmm, there are no islands whatsoever, quite boring really. The most exiting 'thing' offshore is Naturaliste Reef, 25 Nm due West of Bunbury, good fishing there, but there is nothing to see or do other than fishing.


  • Although there are 3 active Sea Rescue groups around Geographe Bay (Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough) none of them keep radio watch, except during rescues and training exercises.

ACRM, pronounced "Acrum", which stands for Australian Coast Radio Monitors, does this radio watch very well, 24/7/365 all manned by volunteers:

    • call sign: "ACRUM Base", and boats/members listed in their database start with "AS", Alpha Sierra followed by a number
    • for emergencies 24 hrs a day and logging on 0700 to 2230 hrs only
    • 27 MHz channel #88, maybe not that important for cruising yachts
    • VHF channel #16 or #80 for emergencies
    • VHF channel #80 for nearly all radio work, including calling. They have their own repeater on Cape Naturaliste, and can cover from Mandurah to Hamelin Bay (if you have your boat antenna high up)
    • Phone contact: 08 9727 2451
    • email
    • website
    • FaceBook closed group.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs


There are 2 boating clubs that maybe important to the cruising sailor/visiting yachtie, and 2 clubs of lesser importance

1. Koombana Bay Sailing Club

  • They are located on the Koombana Bay foreshore, premises have magnificient views
  • Extensive hardstand
  • Winch that can take boats out on their jinker, and tractor to take it further into the yard
  • One jetty, accessible except in strong N or NW winds that cause a quite a bit of swell
  • All boats are on swing moorings
  • Depth of mooring area is not much more than 2 mt, about 200 mt off the beach you may get 3 mts
  • Most boats are taken out of the water in for the winter months: approx. May to end of September
  • Most boats and membership are aimed at local racing (Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon)
  • 500 mt from town centre
  • Contact details
    • ph
    • email
    • website

2. South West Cruising Association

  • They have only a small 'portable' clubhouse, with views that are second to none, being on the causeway
  • More a social club but all boaties are welcome
  • Most members own a cruising type of yacht, that are in Casuarina Harbour, either in pens in that marina (20 mts away), or on moorings there
  • 600 mt into town
  • Contact details
    • ph
    • email
    • website

3. Bunbury Yacht Club

  • Situated on the Lechenault Inlet, but when the bridge was built over the 'Plug', access was limited to powerboats only
  • Very social club that welcome visitors
  • I don't think there is one sailing boat left in the club
  • They have 30 to 40 pens
  • Boats can be craned out here
  • 600 mt into town

4. Bunbury Powerboat Club

  • Also situated in the Lechenault Inlet, with a large clubhouse and public boatramps
  • not as important for visiting yachties as the first 3 clubs
  • 500 mt into town
  • Contact details
    • ph
    • email
    • website
Casuarina Harbour
  • This harbour is protected from all winds and waves, and is up to 4 mt deep up to the service jetty and 3 mt beyond that, and 50-100 mt from the beach is shallows rapidly to 1.5 metres
  • Despite of that protection, nearly every year a boat breaks loose and ends up on the rocks
  • Particularly with strong N and NW winds a swell/surge can enter the harbour, can be noticed up to the service jetty
  • The old wooden jetty was removed in 2013-14 and that area is still marked with buoys
    • The old crane on the causeway is the only relic left from the old sailing boats and the steamers era
  • There is a service jetty that can take up to 3 boats
  • There is large jinker that can take boats out, up to 20 tonnes
  • Bunbury Sea Rescue have their base close to that
  • There are 6 berths for professional fishing boats
  • The 'marina' with two jetties running from the causeway can take in total 48 boats
    • There is a marked shortage of pens for the larger boats ie 13 mt and bigger and catamarans can not be accommodated other than a few with lots of improvisations
  • There are approx. 40 boats on moorings here
  • No room to anchor unless in the shallows for catamarans and shallow drafted monohulls
  • Two boatramps with a large parking lot
  • There are toilets/shower on the causeway for use by those who have a boat in the harbour
  • There are public toilets right in the corner of this harbour, next to the VAT-2 restaurant
  • Facilities in this harbour are managed by the Department of Transport, and they are very vigilant
  • Contact details
    • ph
    • email
    • website
Koombana Bay


Inner Harbour


Outer Harbour


Leschenault Inlet


Lechenault Estuary

qq more info to come


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Yacht Repairs and Services

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Marine Stores

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity


Diesel fuel is available on the service jetty in casuarina harbour. One needs an account with Bailey's to access that fuel ph


is available

  • On the service jetty in Casuarina Harbour
  • In the pens in Casuarina Harbour
  • On Koombana Beach and at Koombana Bay Sailing Club
  • on the boat ramp in Lechenault Inlet (next to the Powerboat Club), also for wash-down
  • On the service jetty in Casuarina Harbour
  • In the pens in Casuarina Harbour

All 240 Volt, mostly 10 Amps but there are some connections that can take 16 Amps The Department of Transport requires to have certain plugs fitted, that is those with a screw-on cap, and power leads need to be tagged (as proof of been tested)

Things to do Ashore


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Grocery & Supply Stores





Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal



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