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Aerial view of the Cabrera Archipelago

Cabrera is an uninhabited island south of Majorca, it belongs to the Balearics in Spain. The island is a National Park. To anchor, dive, etc. you need to apply for an authorization. The island has developed its own unique range of flora and fauna and for anyone interested in wildlife it should not be missed. The bay is beautiful, peaceful and sheltered.


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The entrance to Puerto de Cabrera is hidden until you are upon it, and then opens up into a beautiful natural bay with a 15th Century fortress on the port side that rises from a clump of stones. Entrance is possible in all winds but would be tricky if the wind was blowing very strongly from the north.




Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Puerto de Cabrera

Puerto de Cabrera/wiki/Cabrera#Puerto_de_Cabrera
Anchorage icon Puerto de Cabrera [[Cabrera#Puerto de Cabrera|Puerto de Cabrera]] 39°08.825'N, 002°55.932'E

Anchoring is prohibited but there are 50 moorings, color-coded for different size boats. You must first have a permit and then make a booking for specific dates. Buoys can only be occupied from 18:00 the first day of your reservation until 17:00 the final day.


You need to fill 2 documents (both in Spanish):

  1. Compliance of good practices
  2. Application for authorization to carry activities in protected areas

These you can Email to the park authoties.

Booking (in Spanish)
You fill an online form.

Note: The following anchorages may be prohibited by the park authorities.

Punta des Burri

Punta des Burri/wiki/Cabrera#Punta_des_Burri
Anchorage icon Punta des Burri [[Cabrera#Punta des Burri|Punta des Burri]] 39°08.728'N, 002°57.611'E
On the east side of the island. May be prohibites to anchor.

Cala Embovar

Cala Embovar/wiki/Cabrera#Cala_Embovar
Anchorage icon Cala Embovar [[Cabrera#Cala Embovar|Cala Embovar]] 39°09.534'N, 002°58.384'E
On the northeast side of the island. May be prohibites to anchor.




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Eating out

There is a bar in Puerto de Cabrera that is reported to have very good food.


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