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Castro palifitos
Photo:Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Castro, with 39,366 inhabitants, is the capital of Chiloé Island. It is located on the island's eastern coast. Castro is Chile's third oldest city. It was first settled by the Chonos and then much later by the Huilleche the first Spanish arrived in Isla Grande de Chiloe in 1567 and it was in this same year that the town of Castro was established. Chiloe was the last Spanish possession in Chile, holding out in isolation from 1817 until 1826. Both the city of Castro and the seat of government in the north of the island, Ancud, were severely damaged in the great Chilean earthquake of 1960.


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The east coast of Chiloe from Ancud in the north to Puerto San Pedro in the south offers some excellent cruising. To visit some of the islands such as Isla Mechuque, Isla Lemoy and Isla Quehui is to step back several hundred years in time. These are islands where oxen drawn sleds are used to transport goods and the horse is the normal form of transport.

Along the coast of Chiloe itself are a goodly number of secure anchorages… some, such as Estero Palaid, are extremely picturesque. In the same general area and just a little further south is Estero Huildad, an idle jumping off point for Canal Moreleda.

At the very bottom of the island is Quellon, a very busy and rather raffish Armada port. I prefer Queilen, a much quieter port a few miles to the north. An Alcamar port, it has all basic services and is served by regular buses to and from Puerto Montt. It is an ideal 'first port' when coming from the south and wanting to store ship.


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Castro is an Armada port.

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Castro Anchorage

Castro Anchorage/wiki/Castro#Castro_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Castro Anchorage [[Castro#Castro Anchorage|Castro Anchorage]] 42°29.048'S, 073°45.083'W
Anchor north of the Armada buildings.


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  • There are two bus terminals in Castro. The main bus terminal (actually the terminal of the Cruz del Sur company) is at the intersection of Sotomayor and San Martín, one block north of the northeast corner of the main plaza
  • The Naviera Austral ferry makes trips to Chaitén, albeit only in summer
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The wooden Iglesia San Francisco de Castro
Photo:Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade
Upcountry Chiloe
Photo:Robbie Morrison - s/v Westerly Serenade</small>
Interisland ferries in Mechuque Creek
Photo:Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade
The Mechuque Waterfront
Photo:Euan Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade


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