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Coast W of Marmaris & Sömbeki Körfesi - For details click on a name or an area

This area covers the peninsula W of Marmaris (Karaburun) and then to the N Sömbeki Körfesi, also known as the Gulf of Symi or Yesilova Körfezi. There are several anchorages and one small harbor, Bozburun.


1055 Rhodes Channel and Gökova Körfez
G35 Dodecanese and Coast of Turkey
54421 Kardeiga to Ilbiz Burnu
311 Marmaris - Fethiye
3113 Hisarönü Körfezi - Yeşilova Körfezi
3121 E) Çiftlik Limanı
452 Rhodos to Castelorizo


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Kizil Adasi

Kizil Adasi/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#Kizil_Adasi
Island icon Kizil Adasi [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Kizil Adasi|Kizil Adasi]] 36°39.4′N, 28°02.6′E

This is an attractive uninhabited cove which provides good shelter from the meltemi. Anchor is 5-7 m on a sandy spot.

There are some Byzantine ruins ashore.


Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

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All approaches are straightforward except that the entrance to Serçe Liman is hard to see from a distance.

Warning: There can be very strong gusts down the steep slopes.



Chart of Bozburun


Harbour icon Bozburun [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Bozburun|Bozburun]] 36°41.52′N, 28°2.56′E
Bozburun is an attractive village with a nice harbor. There is an attendant in the harbor who will direct you, usually side-to. There is water and electricity (included with the harbor dues) and fuel can be delivered.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Çiftlik


Anchorage icon Çiftlik [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Çiftlik|Çiftlik]] 36°42.92′N, 28°14.47′E

Çiftlik is a protected cove about 14 nM SW from Marmaris. There are several seaside restaurants here serving good food. You can either anchor off at the northern end of the bay (good holding but subject to uncomfortable swell most of the time) or tie up to one of the four restaurant jetties.

Most of the restaurants have laid moorings tailed to the jetty, water, electricity, toilets/showers and free WiFi (enquire before mooring up if any of these is important to you). The restarant on the extreme east is rather smarter and more expensive than the others. Mehmet Place has water/electricity and wiFi and is more in line with budget cruising.
Chart of Gerbeske


Anchorage icon Gerbeske [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Gerbeske|Gerbeske]] 36°42.1′N, 28°13.6′E
There is an attractive looking cove on the SE of the island.
Chart of Serçe Liman

Serçe Liman

Serçe Liman/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#Ser.C3.A7e_Liman
Anchorage icon Serçe Liman [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Serçe Liman|Serçe Liman]] 36°34.66′N, 28°03.04′E

Serçe Liman is about 2 nM E of Loryma and 14 nM W of Marmaris. It is an excellent all weather anchorage and very well protected. It is hard to find because its entrance is a narrow opening surrounded by high cliffs.

In Serçe Liman the wreck of an 11th century Byzantine ship with a lot of glassware was found and excavated by the father of Underwater Archaeology, George Bass. The glassware is now exhibited at the Bodrum underwater museum. After the excavation was over, Osman was left as a guard of the site. Being enterprising he started catering to visiting yachts. Osman's restaurant, which closed a few years ago, was on the west side of the cove. This appears to have closed down now.

Another restaurant, Captain Nemo's Farm, has been established on the east side of the inlet. The restaurant has 16 laid moorings. Since the cove is fairly deep it is worth accepting a mooring, but you must also set a shore line. Captain Nemo's has small boats that will meet you and assist you. Make sure, though that your boat is secured and do not rely on the restaurant people 100%. Needless to say, if you take one of the moorings, you are expected to eat in the restaurant. The food and service is good however.

You can also anchor on the deep W side of the cove. The holding at 6-10 m is good but you should also take a line to the rocks.
The hidden entrance
Captain Nemo's Restaurant
Abandoned Osman's restaurant
Chart of Loryma


Anchorage icon Loryma [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Loryma|Loryma]] 36°34.162'N, 028°01.002'E

Loryma or Bozuk Bükü or Aplotheka is a pleasant anchorage with several coves protected from the meltemi. Overlooking the coves is a large very well preserved Hellenistic castle overlooking the sea. Here the Athenian fleet was sheltered during the Peloponnesian War before the battle of Knidos. Also, in the third century BC, Demetrios Poliorkites assembled a large fleet here for his unsuccessful siege of Rhodes.

Today there are several restaurants competing for the yacht business by offering you their laid moorings.

You can either accept one of the restaurants' mooring or anchor off-shore at 8-10 m. The bottom is weed and you should look for a patch of sand to drop the anchor.

Warning: Loryma is open to any wind with the exception of predominant meltemi. However, even with the meltemi, the winds may gust suddenly from any direction inside the bay (usually around midnight)twice or three times as much than it is outside the bay because of the valleys ascending from various corners of the bay and high mountains.This is frequent in the month of August.
Restaurant quay
Ancient citadel


Anchorage icon Sögüt [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Sögüt|Sögüt]] 36°39.5′N, 28°04.8′E

Sögüt is a large bay that provides an all around shelter. A restaurant has a wooden pier which is available to tie a line. Anchor in 12-14 m.

The restaurant also provides excellent water.

Cove E of Atabol Burun

Cove E of Atabol Burun/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#Cove_E_of_Atabol_Burun
Anchorage icon Cove E of Atabol Burun [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Cove E of Atabol Burun|Cove E of Atabol Burun]] 36°40.6′N, 27°58.3′E

This is an attractive uninhabited cove but exposed to the S and subject to uncomfortable swell.

Anchor is 7 m on a sandy spot.


Electricity Bozburun: on the quay
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry In Bozburun
Garbage There are bins around the harbor of Bozburun and in several anchorages
Fuel Bozburun: ask the attendant; he will arrange for a delivery with a mini-tank
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet In the restaurants at Çiftlik and in cafés at Bozburun
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


in Bozburun/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#in_.5B.5B.23Bozburun.7CBozburun.5D.5DProvisions icon in Bozburun [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#in Bozburun|in Bozburun]] there are several food stores that not only will deliver to the yachty but also accept credit cards.

Store name2/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EStore_name2.3C.2Fspan.3EProvisions icon Store name2 [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Store name2|Store name2]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

Eating out

Osman's Place/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#.27.27Osman.27s_Place.27.27Eatingout icon Osman's Place [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Osman's Place|Osman's Place]] good food; Osman used to run the lovely restaurant in Serçe Liman.
Restaurant/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#RestaurantEatingout icon Restaurant [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Restaurant|Restaurant]] .
Captain Nemo's Farm/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#.27.27Captain_Nemo.27s_Farm.27.27Eatingout icon Captain Nemo's Farm [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Captain Nemo's Farm|Captain Nemo's Farm]] .
Restaurant/wiki/Coast_W_of_Marmaris_and_Sombeki_Korfesi#RestaurantEatingout icon Restaurant [[Coast W of Marmaris and Sombeki Korfesi#Restaurant|Restaurant]] nice place.


Taxi to Marmaris.



Give a short history of the island.)

Places to Visit

  • In Serçe Liman you can have a nice walk from the W of the cove
  • A walk up to the castle of Loryma is well worth the effort. Nice view!


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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