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Map of Cythera

Cythera (Κύθηρα) or Kythera or Kithiira or Tsirigo is a small island of 2,500 inhabitants and over 10,000 immigrants to Australia. Tourism here is fairly low key.

Today, for some mysterious bureaucratic reason, the island is a province of Attica.


1030 Southern entrance channels to the Aegean Sea
G15 Southern Peloponnisos
54303 Lakonikos Kolpos S Greece
431 Monemvasia to Souda Bay


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  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 85 & 86


The approaches to Cythera are straightforward except for possible strong gusts.



Chart of Kapsáli


Harbour icon Kapsáli [[Cythera#Kapsáli|Kapsáli]] (Καψάλι) 36°08.6′N, 22°59.89′E

Although there are several anchorages in the island, Kapsáli () is the only one harbor. It is a pleasant small harbor open to the S. There is always some swell here. Sometimes the anchors do not hold in the sand/weed and rock bottom. I find it better, if there is room, to go side-to the quay and use lots of fenders. You can always anchor and go bow or stern-to.

Danger: With strong S winds the harbor is untenable.

Warning: With strong W winds there are fierce gusts and a bad swell develops.
The Quay in Kapsáli

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Ayios Nikolaos

Ayios Nikolaos/wiki/Cythera#Ayios_Nikolaos
Anchorage icon Ayios Nikolaos [[Cythera#Ayios Nikolaos|Ayios Nikolaos]] 36°13.42′N, 23°04.87′E
Ayios Nikolaos or Avelomonas is a small natural harbor with a very cute small village with 3 or 4 tavernas, but no shopping of any sort. There are small fishing boats in the harbour, but no room for a yacht. However, the large sandy bay just to the west of it has good holding and provides good protection from westerlies. It is an easy dinghy ride around to the little harbour.


Anchorage icon Makronisos [[Cythera#Makronisos|Makronisos]] 36°16.28′N, 23°04.43′E
The N side of Makronisos or Dhiakofti Island offers good shelter from the SW and W winds. The bottom is sand and provides excellent holding.

Ayia Pelagia

Ayia Pelagia/wiki/Cythera#Ayia_Pelagia
Anchorage icon Ayia Pelagia [[Cythera#Ayia Pelagia|Ayia Pelagia]] 36°19.79′N, 22°59.04′E
Ayia Pelagia is a small port about 4 nM south of Cape Spathi. There are strong SW and W gusts.

Danger: With NE winds the port is untenable.


Water In Kapsáli a mini tank delivers, ask at the Limenarchio (Coast Guard)
Electricity None
Toilets None
Showers None
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel In Kapsáli a tank delivers at the quay. Call +30 2736 311 164 or +30 6927 953 799.
Bottled gas In the grocery store in Kapsáli
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Car and motor scooter rental towards the fishing harbor in Kapsáli


Kapsáli/wiki/Cythera#.5B.5B.23Kaps.C3.A1li.7C_Kaps.C3.A1li.5D.5DProvisions icon Kapsáli [[Cythera# Kapsáli| Kapsáli]] There is good grocery store.

Chora/wiki/Cythera#ChoraProvisions icon Chora [[Cythera#Chora|Chora]] 36°09.387'N, 022°59.735'E At least one store.

Eating out

Harbor/wiki/Cythera#.5B.5B.23Kaps.C3.A1li.7CHarbor.5D.5DEatingout icon Harbor [[Cythera#Harbor|Harbor]] Several restaurants.

  • Chora

Chora/wiki/Cythera#ChoraEatingout icon Chora [[Cythera#Chora|Chora]] 36°09.387'N, 022°59.735'E Several restaurants.


There are daily flights to Athens and hydrofoils to Piraeus. For taxis to Chora or the airport call the friendly Mr. Stathis at +30 2736 311 640 or +30 6977 917 698.



The sea of Kythera is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. According to the mythology she rose from the foam created from the genitalia of Uranos that his son Cronos threw into the sea after castrating him.

The first settlers on the island were Phoenicians. They traded in murex shells – Porphyry in Greek, which gave the island its other name Porhyrousa. The Phoenicians were followed by the Minoans. They made the island a trading center being at the cross roads between Crete and the mainland. This strategic location has made Cythera a very valuable property. The island has been invaded 80 times in recorded history. During the 10th century AD the island was continuously being invaded by Saracens from Crete to the point that its inhabitants abandoned it. The, then Byzantine general, and later emperor Nikephoros Phocas re-conquered the Cythera and Crete from the Saracens. The rulers of the island were the Byzantine family Eudhaemonoyannis from Monemvasía. In 1204 AD the island was occupied by the Venetians but the emperor Michael Paleologos regained it and restored the Eudhaemonoyannis. In 1537 Barbarossa destroyed the island. The Venetians re-took it in the 16th century and re-named it Cerigo (Τσιρίγο) a name still used. The British followed the Venetians and in 1864, along with the other Ionian islands, ceded it to Greece.

Places to Visit

You should visit Chora. There is a nice cave.


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