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Satellite view of Donousa

Donousa (Δονούσα) or Dhenoussa has an area of 13.75 km2, a 480 m peak, and altogether 110 inhabitants living in 4 villages: Stavros, Panagia, Mersini, and Mearia. It has a grade school and a middle school with 6 students!

During the summer in Stavros there are 3 restaurants, a rather sophisticated bakery, and at least 2 grocery stores, other than that there are no facilities.

The beach at Stavros is also very attractive but, unlike in Dendro, nudism and camping are discouraged.


2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
1040 Nísos Íos to Vrakhonisídha Kandhelioússa
G34 Southern Cyclades (West)
54412 Nisos Amorgos & Plans in Astipalaia
42 Andros to Chalki Island
423 Paros to Astypalia


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  • Olympia Radio - VHF no signal

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Approaches to Donousa are straightforward.



Stavros from the South


Harbour icon Stavros [[Donousa#Stavros|Stavros]] (Σταυρός) 37°05.9′N, 25°47.7′E

Stavros is the harbor of Donousa. It has a small quay where one can go stern-to, however, the harbor is not well protected and receives a good amount of swell.

I have visited Stavros many times in the past 20 years. I usually tie alongside the side of the ferry quay and the swell here is not as bad as it is along the longer quay. I have a cat so we don't roll as much as a monohull, but I've seen monos tie here and it's not too uncomfortable even in a meltemi. --Daphnoula 15:21, 17 September 2014 (BST)

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Sketch of Dendro


Anchorage icon Dendro [[Donousa#Dendro|Dendro]] 37°05.7′N, 25°48.2′E

This cove is called Dendro (Δέντρο) or Kedhros (Κέδρος) or Kentro (Κέντρο) (all these names are in use). It is very safe even with gale force meltemi.

Drop anchor near the wreck at 4.5 m, if there is a strong wind use a 2nd anchor. The bottom is rocky and the holding is not uniform. Find a sandy spot to drop the anchors, and always check them with mask and snorkel.

When there is strong wind, there can be appreciable surf which makes landing with the dinghy a rather wet affair. In this case it is best to land in the tiny inlet on the east of the beach.

The sand at the Dendro cove is fine and clean. On the beach in the summer there is a nudist camp but the nudists do not bother anyone, nor do they dirty the beach or make any noise.

Unfortunately now there is a small taverna which spoils this previously pristine beach.

From here the village of Stavros is about a 20 minute walk.
Dendro, the cove
Dendro, anchored Off


Anchorage icon Roussa [[Donousa#Roussa|Roussa]] 37°07.4′N, 25°49.3′E
This lovely bay is under the village of Mersini on north-east corner of the island. It provides an excellent shelter from the meltemi but because of the rocky bottom the holding may not be very good.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage There are bins around the harbor
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas
Chandlers N/A
Repairs N/A
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals N/A


Stavros/wiki/Donousa#.5B.5B.23Stavros.7CStavros.5D.5DProvisions icon Stavros [[Donousa#Stavros|Stavros]] There are two stores with some basic provisions. Also there is a surprising good bakery but it operates only during the summer months.

Eating out

Captan Yiorgis/wiki/Donousa#.27.27Captan_Yiorgis.27.27Eatingout icon Captan Yiorgis [[Donousa#Captan Yiorgis|Captan Yiorgis]] Quite good restaurant.
E of the beach/wiki/Donousa#.27.27E_of_the_beach.27.27Eatingout icon E of the beach [[Donousa#E of the beach|E of the beach]] Can be very good, and affords spectacular views of the sunset..


There is a small ferry to/from Naxos and Amorgos.


Places to Visit

One can take nice long walks on the island. The village of Mersini is particularly attractive in a very rustic way.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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