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Naxos m.jpg
Map of Naxos

Naxos (Νάξος) with an area of 448 km2 is the largest of the Cyclades. It is a beautiful fertile island with 17,000 inhabitants, many of them Catholic. Its tallest peak, Mt. Zas, at 1004 m (3294 ft) is the highest in the Cyclades. The island has many nice villages and interior valleys with slopes terraced and planted with olive trees, citrus trees, and vineyards. Its western side has many long sand beaches. Unfortunately for the sailor, the island does not have many good anchorages.


1041 Nisos Naxos To Vrakhoi Kaloyeroi
G33 Southern Cyclades
54332 Nisoi Paros & Naxos
42 Andros to Chalki Island
423 Paros to Astypalia


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  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12; Tel. +30 22850 22 300
  • Olympia Radio - No Signal

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Danger: About 1.25 nM SSW of the harbor, Port Naxos, there is a reef. This reef is just submerged and in rough conditions it is hard to see. Also when the meltemi blows there are strong gusts and a a swell at the harbor's entrance. In the harbor, on the south part of it, close to the daily tours boat there are some big rocks, just below the surface.



Chart of Port Naxos

Port Naxos

Port Naxos/wiki/Naxos#Port_Naxos
Harbour icon Port Naxos [[Naxos#Port Naxos|Port Naxos]] (Νάξος) 37°06.3′N, 25°22.35′E

The commercial harbor of Naxos is its only harbor in the island. It is not a good harbor so use the new Naxos Marina. The commercial harbor is very noisy and with the meltemi it is exposed to considerable amount of swell. The most secure place is uncomfortably close to the maneuvering ferries which seem to come and go continuously.

A more comfortable option is to anchor off under the break water but the swell and strong gusts make it quite uncomfortable. When the South wind blows the harbor is not tenable on the firs pier, others are fine. The local boats all move to the bay E of Vakhos island.
Πορτάρα (Portara - large door)

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Naxos marina (bottom) and fishing harbour (top)

Naxos Marina

Naxos Marina/wiki/Naxos#Naxos_Marina
Marina icon Naxos Marina [[Naxos#Naxos Marina|Naxos Marina]] 37°06.3′N, 25°22.5′E

The marina is fairly new, starting operation in 2002. The marina is operated by the local municipality and an attendant is usually on hand to help visitors moor. There are public sanitaries facilities one block back from the waterfront.

The marina is well protected and you will have to drop your anchor. Space is, however, very tight and it will not always be possible to find room in here during peak season. Water and electricity are available on the quay.

Charges as of June 2016 €10 per night for 14.9m, inclusive Water and Electricity. Marina is open, so tourists sometimes stroll along pontoons. Tourist party-scene on waterfront!
but overall Good location. Fuel truck comes to the marina. Marina dock hand will sort out laundry.


Sketch of Apollonas


Anchorage icon Apollo's [[Naxos#Apollo's|Apollo's]] (Ἀπόλλων) 37°11′N, 25°33.3′E
This anchorage is at NE tip of the island. A small breakwater provides some protection from the meltemi but some swell enters the anchorage. This is a good place to visit the unfinished colossal statue of Apollo up the hill. Anchor at 3 m and take a long line to the breakwater.

Prokopis Bay

Prokopis Bay/wiki/Naxos#Prokopis_Bay
Anchorage icon Prokopis Bay [[Naxos#Prokopis Bay|Prokopis Bay]] 37°02.2′N, 25°21.8′E
The bay is on the lee of Cape Prokopis about 3 nM south of Port Naxos. Anchor at 6 m. Sandy bottom. The shelter from the meltemi is good but there is always some swell in the bay.

Kouroupa Bay

Kouroupa Bay/wiki/Naxos#Kouroupa_Bay
Anchorage icon Kouroupa Bay [[Naxos#Kouroupa Bay|Kouroupa Bay]] 36°58.2′N, 25°23.8′E
This bay is reputed to be very uncomfortable with the meltemi.

Kalando Bay

Kalando Bay/wiki/Naxos#Kalando_Bay
Anchorage icon Kalando Bay [[Naxos#Kalando Bay|Kalando Bay]] 36°56′N, 25°28.3′E
This a bay at the SE side of the island, just 1.5 nM NE of Cape Katomeri. It provides good shelter from the meltemi although it is gusty. Anchor near the head of the bay at 5 m. Sandy bottom.


Water At the quay in marina
Electricity At the quay in marina
Toilets Available in the old town. 2 temporary toilets are installed next to the harbor master office too.
Showers Available in the old town, not cleaned.
Laundry Mrs. Eleftheria, one road in from the commercial harbor
Garbage There are bins around the harbor, the marina, and in several anchorages.
Fuel mini-truck supplies the marina
Bottled gas Camping Gaz in the Vidalis supermarket
Chandlers Only fishing supplies
Repairs Naxos Marine tel. +30 22850 23 121, +30 6945 408 398 (GSM), and VHF ch 8
Internet In cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G/4G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals Many are available is the town


  • There are many stores in the town of Naxos
  • Be sure to buy some of the local wine and maybe citron a local liqueur

Eating out

  • Naxos town
Popis Grill/wiki/Naxos#.27.27Popis_Grill.27.27Eatingout icon Popis Grill [[Naxos#Popis Grill|Popis Grill]] is a good value.
  • Apiranthos
Lefteris Place/wiki/Naxos#.27.27Lefteris_Place.27.27Eatingout icon Lefteris Place [[Naxos#Lefteris Place|Lefteris Place]] is considered the best in the island.


There are flights to Athens and ferries to Rafina and Piraeus.



According to the mythology, Theseus after slaying the Minotaur and escaping the labyrinth with Ariadne's help, fled Crete together with the princess. After they stopped in Naxos, while Ariadne slept, Theseus sailed away abandoning her. He continued to Athens but in his haste to leave he did not change the black sails as he had promised to his father Aegeas, the king of Athens. He was waiting for the return of the ship at Cape Sounio. When he saw the black sails he surmised that the Minotaur had devoured his son and he cast his body over the cliff into the sea which was named after him: Aegean. In the mean time, the god of wine and theater, Dionysus, landed in Naxos and fell in love with Ariadne. They got married and the god taught the Naxians how to make wine. Today Naxian wine is still very good.

Naxos was one of the main centers of Neolithic Cycladic civilization. The remains of the 3,000 BC settlement at Kastro and Grotta can still be seen. According to tradition the island was colonized by Ionians from Karia led by Apollo's son Naxos who gave the island its name. Naxos was one of the first islands to work in marble. The lions of Delos were made in Naxos during the archaic period. In 523 BC the tyrant of Naxos, Lygdamis, built a massive temple to Apollo whose lintel survives to this day. The Naxians call it Πορτάρα (Portara - large door). Naxos was sacked by the Persians in 490 BC and later became part of the Delian League. The Venetian Marco Sanudo captured the island's Byzantine castle (T'Apaliróu) in 1207 AD and declared himself Duke of Naxos. He and his successors ruled over Naxos and nearby islands until 1566 AD when most of the Cyclades feel to the Ottomans. The island became part of Greece in 1832.

Places to Visit

Naxos Castle.jpg
The Castle of Naxos
Naxos Iria.jpg
The Sanctury of Dionysos at Iria

Within the town of Naxos or Chora you can visit the Castle and the and Glezos Tower. The area around the tower is very interesting with many Venetian houses still standing. Lower down is the old Jewish quarter, the Evraiki. The Archeological Museum of Naxos which houses works of art and objects of every day use dating from the Late Neolithic period to Early Christian times (5300 BC - 5th c. AD). These finds came to light in the excavations which have been continuing on the island since the Second World War. The museum is housed in an old building that used to be a school house. The renown Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis attended this school for two years. Another place worth visiting is the 11th century church of Panayia Pantanassa that once was part of a Byzantine monastery famous for it icon of the Virgin.

A short distance to the north of the town is Grotta with many caves. In the water one can see the remains of the Cycladic town.

A few kilometers south of the town near the airport at Livadi is the site of Iria is the sanctuary of Dionysus which dates back, to prehistoric times (1300 BC). The use of the site for religious purposes continues, uninterrupted, until today. Its importance is attested not only by splendid architectural finds, but also by the numerous votive offerings dedicated to the deity worshipped in the sanctuary during all its long history, but especially during the earlier periods.

Further south there is the 6th century BC Temple of Demeter at Sangri. Also, at Sangri there is the restored 8th century AD church of St. Mámas, the patron saint of thieves.

A good walk from Ano Sangri are the ruins of the T'Apaliróu Castle, the original Venetian stronghold.

In the center of the island to the north of Chalki is the most striking church of Naxos, the Monastery of Panayia Drossiani, built in the 5th century AD. It contains some excellent frescoes of the Pantocrator, the Virgin, and saints. The near-by Venetian town of Apiranthos is very picturesque and has a small folklore museum. Further north almost at the end of the island near the town of Apollonas is an ancient quarry with a 10 m unfinished kouros statue.


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Overall Naxos town is a nice stop. Good for crew changes as there is a regular ferry to Mykonos. Zebahdy of London June2016

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