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Chart of Frikes
Frikes harbour from E

The small harbour of Frikes lies on the NE coast of the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea of Greece, a mile N of Kioni and five miles N of Vathi. Although a popular destination for yachts of all sizes during the season, Frikes has a poor reputation for strong gusts during moderate to fresh prevailing winds and – in particular – for occasional dangerous wash from ferries passing offshore. However, in spite of its disadvantages, it is a charming and largely unspoilt village and is a good place for an overnight stop in settled weather and assuming one takes sensible precautions in the event of ferry wash. Shelter in the harbour is moderate to good in the prevailing NW winds (although gusts are experienced), but Frikes should be avoided in strong easterlies.


203 Nisos Zakinthos to Nisos Paxoi
G12 Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
2 Ionio Pelagos
30 Kefalonia, Ithaki





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There are no hazards in the approach to Frikes, although there are offshore reefs along the coast a mile to the N. With the afternoon seabreezes, there can be strong gusts down the valley behind Frikes, which can make mooring a challenge. Depths along the quays are mostly between 2.0 and 3.0 metres, so Frikes is not really suitable for deep draft yachts. Shelter in the harbour is adequate with the prevailing winds, but Frikes is untenable in strong easterlies.

However, the main problem with the harbour is the unpredictable danger posed by wash from passing ferries. Apparently, when running a little behind schedule, ferries have been known to ‘cut the corner’ when passing down the E side of Ithaca, causing a mini-tsunami in Frikes owing to the funnelling effect of the bay. Unlike the weather, this cannot be predicted and yachts have been damaged in the harbour – especially if moored alongside on the N quay (which no sensible skipper would ever do in spite of the photo shown).


Vathi is the nearest port of entry. See relevant page for details.


There four main berthing options in Frikes, depending on wind direction and a yacht’s draft (for map and summary details, click on Interactive map of berthing options in Frikes, Ithaca):

Breakwater Quay

Yachts tend to go alongside on the inside of Frikes breakwater
Click for larger view

This quay extends along the inside of the breakwater for some 70-80 metres. Around 6-8 yachts can go alongside here (more if rafted up) in depths ranging from 2.0 - 2.5 metres at the outer end to only 1.5 metres at the root owing to a ledge and rock ballasting (although depths are somewhat greater where your keel will be lying). Yachts generally go alongside here owing to the problem of ferry wash detailed above. The quay is well supplied with stout yellow bollards and stainless steel mooring rings. Shelter here is good in the prevailing winds and adequate in light easterlies.

E Quay

This quay extends from the root of the breakwater for 30 – 40 metres as far as a series of fishing boat moorings. Although there is some rock ballasting in places, especially at the S end, depths at the quay are mostly 2.0 metres and a little more where your keel will be lying. Two or three yachts can lie alongside here, more if rafted up. These are probably the most secure berths in the harbour (insofar as anywhere is safe with a big ferry wash).

Outside breakwater

Yachts anchor moored on outside of Frikes breakwater
Click for larger view

In settled weather only, yachts can and do anchor moor to the outside of the breakwater, where there is space for 8 – 10 with long lines ashore. Lines can be taken to some stainless steel rings and iron staples in the rocks. You will be dropping anchor here in 10 - 12 metres and the holding is good in sand and weed.

N Quay

The N quay is not really safe for alongside berthing

Although this quay is the most recently refurbished and is well supplied with stainless steel mooring rings and a few widely spaced bollards, it suffers worst from any ferry wash, which has been known to throw yachts up on the quay, dislodging their fenders and causing serious hull damage. There are depths along it ranging from 3.0 metres at the N end to 2.75 metres at the S end. Note that the southernmost section (counting from the shore as far as the fourth lamppost) is rocky with depths of less than a metre. The most sensible option if mooring here is to do an anchor moor, dropping in 5.0 – 6.0 metres, digging in well and falling back to the quay, leaving a generous gap between your stern and the quay. The holding is good in sand and weed. Ensure that you also leave a very generous gap between yourself and your neighbour, as masts will clash in any tsunami from the ferries if you don’t.

Note that the floating pontoons at the NE corner of the harbour, opposite the end of the breakwater, are derelict and unsafe. There is even a sign on the breakwater warning yachts not to moor there (although one would need to be either blind or mad to try).

Fortunately, the municipality removed the floating pontoons one year ago. --Mariope August 2019

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



There are a number of small coves both N and S of Frikes which provide good anchorages in settled weather. Most of them have considerable depths, however, and it will probably be necessary to take lines ashore for safety.


Water Can be delivered to the quay
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins near the waterfront
Fuel Fuel can be delivered by road tanker from the nearest garage
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet From some of the cafes and tavernas
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


A minimarket in the village.

Eating out

Several tavernas and cafes along the waterfront.



The village is small but charming and not yet spoilt by tourism. Apart from that, it is just a place to chill out unless you have transport.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Ionian Sea.


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  • May 2010 Although Frikes is a nice little place, it is treacherous if the wind changes to the East and is funnelled into the harbour. This happened to me in 2008 and we nearly had the boat washed up onto the north quay. Pilot books warn of the prevailing westerly, but not the easterlies. Suggest you are not tempted to moor alongside north quay. --Fourplay 13:01, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

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