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39°12.120'N, 023°01.680'E Chart icon.png
There are Port(s) of Entry here
VolosOreiAndriami BayAyia KiriakiPort TrikeriAvraAvraVathudi BayAmalioupolis & Soupis BayPigadhi & Port PtelosGlyfaVathikeloPaleo TrikeriCape Artemision
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Map of Pagasitikos Gulf - For details click on a name or an area
The Reef Lefteris

Pagasitikos Gulf (Παγασιτικός Κόλπος) or the Gulf of Volos and the Trikeri Peninsula at the foot of Mt. Pelion is the enchanted region where the centaur Chiron taught so many mythological heroes including Jason the leader of the Argonauts. This is the place where that mythical journey to the Black Sea began.

The Trikeri Channel that separates Skiathos from Evia and the mainland. In the middle of the channel there is the infamous reef Lefteris, this reef covers a very small area and it is very treacherous. The channel is very busy with traffic and many ships have found their doom on Lefteris. The list includes many of the ships from the Persian fleet of Xerxes on their way to conquer Greece in 480 BC. The reef then was called Myrmes. In Lefteris also the heroic Greek submarine Lambros Katsonis was sank with all hands except three crewmen who after swimming for 9 hours made it to Skiathos.

Inside the gulf, is a good sailing ground because there are relatively flat seas while the wind, channeled by the mountains can be quite strong.


1085 Kólpos Petalión to Srimonikos kólpos including Thermaikos kólpos
1556 Vórios Evoïkós Kólpos and approaches to Vólos
G25 Eastern Sporades and North Evvoia
54349 Maliakos Kolpos
54351 Approaches to Volos
31 North Evoikos to Kavala Gulf
74 Corinth to Skopelos Island


See Aegean Sea.



Chart of Paleo Trikeri Harbor

Paleo Trikeri

Paleo Trikeri/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Paleo_Trikeri
Island icon Paleo Trikeri [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Paleo Trikeri|Paleo Trikeri]] (Παλαιό Τρίκερι) 39°09.2′N, 23°04.6′E

Paleo Trikeri is a small island with a delightful little harbor. If there is room, you can either moor side-to, stern-to, or anchor off.

Warning: Be aware that you may have to move when either the ferry boat or the hydrofoil arrives. Ask when they are due.

There are three restaurants.
Trikeri Harbor

Cape Artemision

Cape Artemision/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Cape_Artemision
Island icon Cape Artemision [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Cape Artemision|Cape Artemision]] 39°02.6′N, 23°20.1′E
The SW corner of the Pondikonisi island, just across from Cape Artemision gives good shelter from the meltemi.


  • Goast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 and 60
  • Cellular Phone(GSM/GPRS) - Weak signal in Paleo Trikeri

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approached to the gulf are straightforward, but inside the gulf there can be rather strong and gusty winds.


The only Greek port of entry/exit this region is Volos.


The major harbor in the area is Volos but there are many good anchorages in this region.



Volos Volos /wiki/Volos Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |
Chart of Orei


Harbour icon Orei [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Orei|Orei]] (Ορεοί) 38°56.85′N, 23°5.1′E
The Harbor of Orei
Orei or Oreios is a pleasant little harbor on the N of the large island of Evia. Moor stern-to the mole or to the southern quay which has been extended. Yachts also go alongside the southern quay when it is not taken by fishing boats. It is also possible to anchor off. The harbor provides good protection from the meltemi but it is open to the W-NW.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


There is an association of commercial yacht charter operators that apparently call themselves the Volos Yacht Club but their website is not operational.


Andriami Bay

Andriami Bay/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Andriami_Bay
Anchorage icon Andriami Bay [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Andriami Bay|Andriami Bay]] 39°05.2′N, 23°07′E

This is a large deserted bay about 3 M E of Trikeri Point, it is open to the S. It provides some protection from the meltemi.

Anchor on the N side in 5-8 m.
Ayia Kiriaki

Ayia Kiriaki

Ayia Kiriaki/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Ayia_Kiriaki
Anchorage icon Ayia Kiriaki [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Ayia Kiriaki|Ayia Kiriaki]] (Αγία Κυριακή) 39°05.463'N, 023°04.055'E
Ayia Kiriaki is a fishing port and a traditional boat shipyard.

Port Trikeri

Port Trikeri/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Port_Trikeri
Anchorage icon Port Trikeri [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Port Trikeri|Port Trikeri]] 39°06.3′N, 23°06.2′E
This is an isolated deep bay that has spectacular scenery.


Anchorage icon Avra [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Avra|Avra]] 39°08′N, 23°10.1′E
A small anchorage E of Cape Marathea. It is very pleasant.
Chart of Vathudi Bay

Vathudi Bay

Vathudi Bay/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Vathudi_Bay
Anchorage icon Vathudi Bay [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Vathudi Bay|Vathudi Bay]] 39°09′N, 23°12.2′E

This bay on the SE corner of the Pagasitikos Gulf is protected by the island of Alatas and has several good anchorages such as Petraki, Milina, and E and S of Alatas. The bay is a popular spot with local sailboats and windsurfs.

There is no problem crossing the narrow channel between the mainland and S of Alatas. The depth is 3.5-4 m in the middle of the channel.

Amalioupolis & Soupis Bay

Amalioupolis & Soupis Bay/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Amalioupolis_.26_Soupis_Bay
Anchorage icon Amalioupolis & Soupis Bay [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Amalioupolis & Soupis Bay|Amalioupolis & Soupis Bay]] 39°11.9′N, 22°53.3′E
There are a number of anchorages here. Good shelter to the west of Nisos Ay Nikolaos.


Anchorage icon Pigadhi [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Pigadhi|Pigadhi]] 39°02′N, 23°0.4′E
Pigadhi (Πηγάδι) is the place that Achilles sailed for the expedition to Troy.


Anchorage icon Glyfa [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Glyfa|Glyfa]] 38°56.9′N, 22°58.1′E
Glyfa (Γλύφα) or Glifa is a ferry terminal to Evia. Several tavernas. It is sheltered from the meltemi but there is some swell. Anchor off.


Anchorage icon Vathikelo [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Vathikelo|Vathikelo]] 38°56.4′N, 22°56.3′E
Vathikelo (Βαθύκελο) is about 1.5 M W of Glifa. It is a deep landlocked bay. It is a good all around shelter.


  • Volos: on the main town quay water is available for a charge through units that are operated using smartcards. Enquire with the unofficial harbourmaster
  • Volos: some waterfront restaurants have outdoor taps and in the past have been willing to water cans to be filled from them. Ask before taking any water
  • Orei: is near the harbor (can use hose)
  • Volos: on the main town quay electricity is available for a charge through units that are operated using smartcards. Enquire with the unofficial harbourmaster
  • Orei: N/A (Not Available)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry In Volos
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages.

In Volos there are no liquid waste disposal receptacles for oil, bilge water, etc. If significant quantities are involved the Port Police can arrange for a commercial company to take it. On at least one occasion this in the past there was no charge for this.

  • Volos: Elin fuelling jetty is on the south western corner of the fishing boat harbour, on the southern side of the quay
  • Volos: BP and Shell fuel stations are about 100m before the eastern end of Iasonos Street (the first street behind the waterfront street)
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers n Volos chandleries can be found:
  • Facing and immediately north-west of the Port Authority building/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Port_Authority_buildingWorld icon.png Port Authority building [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Port Authority building|Port Authority building]] 39°21.6528′N, 22°56.5996′E
  • At the west end of the next street back from the quay Iasonos/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#.27.27Iasonos.27.27Chandler icon Iasonos [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Iasonos|Iasonos]] 39°21.6869′N, 22°56.5630′E
  • Lidl/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#.27.27Lidl.27.27World icon.png Lidl [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Lidl|Lidl]] 39°21.9941′N, 22°56.0594′E supermarket
Repairs In Volos there is Pefkakia Boatyard. Contact Gregory Kartapanis (Tel +30 24210 88612; mob: +30 6945 618 847; email)
Internet In cafés in Volos
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal in most of the gulf
Vehicle rentals Several agencies in Volos


Eating out

  • Many good restaurants in [Volos]]
  • Reasonable food at the Diavlos in Paleo Trikeri
  • Taverna in Orei
  • Several tavernas in Glyfa


Volos is a transport hub for the region:

  • Ferry: A number of companies operate from the ferry terminal/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#ferry_terminalWorld icon.png ferry terminal [[Pagasitikos Gulf#ferry terminal|ferry terminal]] 39°21.5601′N, 22°56.6906′E with ferry and hydrofoil to the nearby Northern Sporades Islands, plus connections to Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and Skyros
  • Bus: Regular services to and from Athens plus other destinations. The bus station/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#bus_stationWorld icon.png bus station [[Pagasitikos Gulf#bus station|bus station]] 39°21.6537′N, 22°55.9819′E is about 600m west from the fishing boat harbour
  • Rail: Regular services to and from Athens plus other destinations. The railway station/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#railway_stationWorld icon.png railway station [[Pagasitikos Gulf#railway station|railway station]] 39°21.8435′N, 22°56.2283′E is about 300m north-west from the fishing boat harbour
  • Air: Nea Anchialos National Airport/wiki/Pagasitikos_Gulf#Nea_Anchialos_National_AirportWorld icon.png Nea Anchialos National Airport [[Pagasitikos Gulf#Nea Anchialos National Airport|Nea Anchialos National Airport]] 39°12.9949′N, 22°47.5361′E about 30 km SW of the city, or 45km by road services limited domestic flights and seasonal international flights Nea Anchialos National Airport


Places to Visit

Mt. Pelio

A land expedition to Mt. Pelio with its many picturesque villages is highly recommended.

In Paleo Trikeri
The Monastery of Panayia in Paleo Trikeri

The Monastery of Panayia, built in 1829, is about 15 minute walk up the hill from the harbor. It is a nice walk and the monastery is very pleasant and well maintained.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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