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39°18.000'N, 116°42.000'E Chart icon.png
Hebei map.gif
Capital Shijiazhuang
Language Ju Li Mandarin
Currency Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) (CNY)
Time zone UTC+8
Calling code 86 (311 to 335)

Hebei (About this sound 河北; formerly romanised as Hopeh) is a province of China ,of approximately 75 million people surrounding Beijing, in the North China region. The modern province was established in 1911 as Zhili Province or Chihli Province. Its one-character abbreviation is "冀" (Jì), named after Ji Province, a Han dynasty province (zhou) that included what is now southern Hebei. The name Hebei literally means "north of the river", referring to its location entirely to the north of the Yellow River


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  • Hebei is served by several long-distance high-speed rail lines
  • Long distance buses from Liuliqiao Passenger Transportation Junction (六里桥长途汽车站) in Beijing depart every 30 minutes to Chengde (about 5 hours) and less frequently to towns in the rural counties in the grasslands of Hebei and Inner Mongolia


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