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Disambiguation: The term Hong Kong can refer to the region, Hong Kong Island itself or the port city of Hong Kong, depending on context.

Hong Kong
22°16.700'N, 114°10.470'E Chart icon.png
Capital Victoria
Language English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Currency Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Time zone UTC+8
Calling code +852

Formerly a British colony (1842-1997), Hong Kong reverted to Chinese control by agreement, and became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of mainland China at the end of the 20th century. Therefore, although Hong Kong comprises 95% ethnic Chinese the English language is spoken widely.


British Admiralty
BA1555 - Dafangji Dao to Hong Kong

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  • Hong Kong
  • Lantau Island


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Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour/wiki/Hong_Kong#Victoria_Harbour
Harbour icon Victoria Harbour [[Hong Kong#Victoria Harbour|Victoria Harbour]] 22°17.159'N, 114°10.612'E
Port of Entry
On the North of Hong Kong island. It is one of the busiest commercial harbours in the world. There several marinas and anchoring possibilities.

Aberdeen Harbour

Aberdeen Harbour/wiki/Hong_Kong#Aberdeen_Harbour
Harbour icon Aberdeen Harbour [[Hong Kong#Aberdeen Harbour|Aberdeen Harbour]] 22°14.573'N, 114°09.715'E
Harbour on the South of Hong Kong island. There several marinas here.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club/wiki/Hong_Kong#Royal_Hong_Kong_Yacht_Club
Marina icon Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club [[Hong Kong#Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club|Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club]] (RHKYC) 22°17.183'N, 114°11.219'E
Port of Entry

Up to 10 fore and aft guest moorings available for yachts 12-25 m long. Alongside mooring for provisions and maintenance after obtaining permision. Also free standing moorings. Repair facilities and hardstanding. Showers, toilets,

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 832 2817; Fax: +852 (2) 572 5399; VHF channel XX
Address: Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Marina Club

Aberdeen Marina Club/wiki/Hong_Kong#Aberdeen_Marina_Club
Marina icon Aberdeen Marina Club [[Hong Kong#Aberdeen Marina Club|Aberdeen Marina Club]] 22°14.654'N, 114°09.787'E

170 berths for boats up to 100' (30 m) length. Water, electricity, showers, toilets, fuel. Waste pump out. Repairs(painting, electrical, carpentry, etc.) and haul-out. Barbecue area, restaurants.

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 555 8321; Fax: +852 (2) 873 5681; VHF channel XX

Aberdeen Boat Club (Main Clubhouse)

Aberdeen Boat Club (Main Clubhouse)/wiki/Hong_Kong#Aberdeen_Boat_Club_.28Main_Clubhouse.29
Marina icon Aberdeen Boat Club (Main Clubhouse) [[Hong Kong#Aberdeen Boat Club (Main Clubhouse)|Aberdeen Boat Club (Main Clubhouse)]] 22°14.474'N, 114°09.899'E

Showers, toilets. Clubhouse, restaurants, swimming pool.

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 552 8182; Fax: +852 (2) 873 2945; VHF channel XX
Address: Aberdeen Boat Club Ltd., 20 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

RHKYC Middle Island

RHKYC Middle Island/wiki/Hong_Kong#RHKYC_Middle_Island
Marina icon RHKYC Middle Island [[Hong Kong#RHKYC Middle Island|RHKYC Middle Island]] 22°14.165'N, 114°11.188'E

Small number of both swing and fore and aft guest moorings available on temporary basis.

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 832 2817; Fax: +852 (2) 572 5399; VHF channel XX
Address: RHKYC, Middle Island, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Boat Club (Middle Island)

Aberdeen Boat Club (Middle Island)/wiki/Hong_Kong#Aberdeen_Boat_Club_.28Middle_Island.29
Marina icon Aberdeen Boat Club (Middle Island) [[Hong Kong#Aberdeen Boat Club (Middle Island)|Aberdeen Boat Club (Middle Island)]] 22°14.163'N, 114°11.134'E

Showers, toilets. Clubhouse, restaurants, swimming pool.

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 812 2086; Fax: +852 (2) 873 2945; VHF channel XX
Address: Aberdeen Boat Club Ltd., Middle Island, Hong Kong

RHKYC Shelter Cove Marina

RHKYC Shelter Cove Marina/wiki/Hong_Kong#RHKYC_Shelter_Cove_Marina
Marina icon RHKYC Shelter Cove Marina [[Hong Kong#RHKYC Shelter Cove Marina|RHKYC Shelter Cove Marina]] 22°22.072'N, 114°16.001'E

Limited visitors berths and some swinging moorings.

[email protected]; Tel: +852 (2) 832 2817; Fax: +852 (2) 572 5399; VHF channel XX
Address: 168 Che Keng Tuk Road, Shelter Cove, , Sai Kung, New Territories


It is possible to anchor anywhere in Hong Kong Harbour but many places are choppy and uncomfortable.


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Store name1/wiki/Hong_Kong#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EStore_name1.3C.2Fspan.3EProvisions icon Store name1 [[Hong Kong#Store name1|Store name1]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

Eating out

  • Restaurants in some of the marinas


  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Hong Kong is only a one-hour hydrofoil ride away from Macau
  • Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the fastest way to get around
  • Operated by Hong Kong Tramways, the narrow double-decker city trams (also known locally as "ding ding")
  • Double-decker buses are used on most routes and cover practically the entire territory


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