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Messolonghi Marina from S

Messolonghi (Μεσολόγγι) is situated on the N side of the Gulf of Patras on the W coast of Greece. The town lies at the eastern end of a vast expanse of shallows and salt marshes which extends almost to the island of Oxia at the northern entrance to the Gulf. Lying at the end of a mile-long channel cut through the salt marshes and fringed on both sides by large lagoons.

Messolonghi played a decisive role during the Greek War of Independence. It was here that the English romantic poet Byron died of fever in the course of aiding that struggle.

Today, Messolonghi offers visiting yachts a secure anchorage in the basin off the town, alongside berths on the town’s commercial quay, a section of which is reserved for yachts, or pontoon berths in the rapidly expanding Messolonghi Marina on the W side of the basin.


1676 Prokopos Patron and entrance to Korintiakós Kólpos
G13 Gulfs of Patras and Corinth
54287 PatraikosKolpos & Approaches
40 Patraikos Kolpos


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  • Nisos Tourlis (at end of causeway from Messolonghi)


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The channel leading into the basin of Messolonghi is marked at its outer end with two port and starboard pillar buoys. It is essential to identify these before attempting entry as the areas on either side are shallow. Enter between the buoys in the centre of the channel and maintain a course of 007 degrees to the next two markers, two port and starboard posts marked with red and black bands respectively. Once past these continue in the channel, which is marked with three further pairs of port and starboard markers. Depths in the channel are at least 5.5 – 6.0 metres right through to the basin. Once into the basin, be sure to continue to the centre before turning, as there are shallow areas to either side of the basin entrance. Note: Keep a good distance offshore when approaching Messolonghi from either E or W, as the areas of sandbanks extend further offshore than marked on most charts.

Messolonghi commercial quay from SE
Messolonghi anchorage from W
Messolonghi traditional fishermen’s pelades
Gate of Exodus, Messolonghi
Garden of the Heroes
Monument to Lord Byron, Messolonghi


Messolonghi is not a port of entry. The nearest port of entry is Patras. Visiting yachts have three options once into the basin. The most secure berths are to be found in the relatively new and still expanding Messolonghi Marina, which lies at the W side of the basin. The marina is currently entered around either end of the two detached wavebreak pontoons. See separate Wiki entry for full details.

Alternatively, a yacht may lie alongside the commercial quay at the NE side of the basin, where a green painted line along the quay indicates the area allocated to yachts. There is only space here for 10-12 yachts and therefore it is often necessary to raft up in busy periods. Depths at the quay are around 8.0 – 9.0 metres. There is one water point on the quay but no other facilities (although the nearby Hotel Theoxenia offers showers to visiting yachts).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Yachts can anchor off the marina in depths of 6.0 – 8.0 metres. Shelter here is good in all conditions and the holding excellent in mud.


Electricity On the pontoons in the marina
Toilets In Messolonghi Marina
Showers In Messolonghi Marina
Laundry In the marina (self-service)
Garbage Bins in the marina and near the commercial quay
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Currently limited but Messolonghi Marina will soon have a small chandlery
Repairs Messolonghi Marina is developing a repair facility but it is still in its infancy (September 2011)
Internet Available at Marina Café, via municipal wifi network (Dimos Messolonghiou) or at many coffee shops in the town
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals In the town


  • Several supermarkets in and around the town (but some distance from the yacht berths)
  • Renown throughout Greece is avghotaracho (αυγοτάραχο), a local specialty made from fish eggs. Expensive

Eating out

  • Cafes in the marina and near the commercial quay
  • Tavernas and restaurants in the town and on the island of Nisos Tourlis at the end of the causeway from Messolonghi


  • Buses to Athens


The town of Messolonghi is not especially attractive, but for students of history or literature the Garden of the Heroes on the N side of town commemorates the sacrifices made by its defenders during a year-long siege by Turkish forces during the War of Independence. The garden has a small statue of Lord Byron, who met his end from fever while staying in the town during his attempt to further the cause of Greek independence. His heart is apparently buried under the statue (although the rest of his remains were eventually interred in Wetminster Abbey in London). Just east of the Garden is the so-called Exodus Gate, through which much of the town's population escaped at the conclusion of the siege by the Turks that ended with its capture. Most of the fleeing population were subsequently rounded up and slaughtered.

With transport, the surrounding areas of wetlands are a delight to explore, with abundant birdlife and, on either side of the channel leading to the town, numerous examples of traditional pelades, fishermen’s shacks built above the water on stilts. If you are lucky, you may even see one of the turtles that are regular visitors to the basin.


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  • A surprisingly pleasant place. The Marina has a significant live aboard community. The town fills up with University students in the fall and is said to be quite vibrant. The marina docks look well managed, the chandlery and store a bit of chaos. No need to go to the marina however as the anchorage is excellent and the town space unused. --Monterey June 2015

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