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Nosy Be or Andoadroatra
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Nosy Be (also Nossi-bé) or Andoadroatra is an island located just off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be means "big island" in the Malagasy language. The island was called Assada during the early colonial era of the seventeenth century. Nosy Be has been given several nicknames over the centuries. The most relevant of those nicknames may be Nosy Manitra (the scented island).

The volcanic island has an area of about 300 km² (120 square miles), and reaches its highest peak at Mont Lokobe at 450m (1476 feet). It is located about eight kilometers (5 miles) off the coast of Madagascar; several smaller islands are located nearby, including Nosy Komba, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Sakatia, and Nosy Tanikely. The island's main town is Andoany.

The Tsaratanana Massif protect the island from the very strong north-east winds that mostly blow in August or during the tropical depression period, and make it a tropical island that benefits from an exceptional climate, flora and fauna. The warm waters of the Mozambique Channel and the microclimate that determine seasons make Nosy Be a tropical paradise. There are eleven volcanic crater lakes on the island. They constitute an enormous water reserve that may be used for human needs or cultivations. The banks and the waters of those lakes are covered with lush vegetation. In the daytime, many crocodiles hide under the vegetation. At night, they get out and go hunting.

Nosy Be's landscape is varied and it is characterized by a great many hills that are overlooked by Mount Lokobe (450 m) and Mount Passot (350 m). From these high vantage points, you have an exceptional view onto Nosy Be Bay, but also on the Radama Islands (south) and Mitsio Islands (north). The coast is very jagged and punctuated by a great many bays and gorgeous coves and also deserted beaches lined by palm trees.


See Madagascar.


See Madagascar.


See Madagascar, also see the Mozambique Channel and Indian Ocean.


See Madagascar.


Care should be taken on the approach to the western side of Nosy Be as there are many coral heads. Anchorage will be found on the east side of Hell-ville or in Crater Bay. Anchor in 10 - 15 meters - the bottom is mud and good holding.

Note: The tidal range is 1.3 meters.


Nosy Be has a port of entry, Hell-ville, for Madagascar. For details see Entrance: Madagascar.



  • Hell-ville — Not really a port but you can go ashore and clear the formalities

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Hell-ville Anchorage

Hell-ville Anchorage/wiki/Nosy_Be#.5B.5BHell-ville.23Hell-ville_Anchorage.7CHell-ville_Anchorage.5D.5D

Crater Bay

Crater Bay/wiki/Nosy_Be#.5B.5BHell-ville.23Crater_Bay.7CCrater_Bay.5D.5D


See Madagascar.


See Madagascar.

Eating out

See Madagascar.


  • Fascene Airport (NOS IATA) (is located on the northeast of the island). The airport has domestic and international flights
  • You can also travel to the Nosy Be by taking a speedboat from Ankify port to Hell-ville. Two car ferries also will take you from Hell-ville to Ankify, but these are much slower, and only recommended if you have to take a car with you.


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See Madagascar.


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