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WorldMediterraneanIonian SeaGreeceMeganisiPort VathiOdyseas Marina
38°39.884'N, 020°46.978'E Chart icon.png
Odyseas Marina from E
Radio VHF channel 72
Phone +30 26450 51084
Fax +30 26450 51596
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 68
Max. length 60 metres
Max. draft 8.0 metres
Fuel Fuel supplied to berths
Water On all berths
Electricity On all berths
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes 1 Ladies 1 Men
Laundry Yes 1 Machine
Internet WiFi
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address Vathy Bay, Meganisi, Greece 31083
More notes about the marina

Odyseas Marina is situated in the harbour of Port Vathi, the main ferry harbour of the island of Meganisi in the Greek Ionian islands. Opened in 2010, the marina currently provides 68 berths for yachts of up to 60 metres and in depths of up to 8.0 metres. All berths are along the quays and the breakwater of the outer harbour and have laid moorings. There are plans to expand the marina by the installation of additional pontoons but there is no confirmation of when this will happen.


Call Odyseas Marina on channel 72 prior to entry.


See Port Vathi. The marina is constructed around the quays of the outer harbour, immediately W of the small, old harbour.


Berthing assistance available on request. Laid moorings at all berths. Pre-booking berths in advance for later arrivals in the hectic high season is recommended. Contact the marina office on +30 26450 51084 or on channel 72.

Quay of Odyseas Marina, Port Vathi


  • Café/Cocktail Bar
  • Scooter, car and bike rentals
  • Black water pump out
  • Gardinage


Claimed wide range of engine, GRP, painting and electronics services (but check in advance!).


Excellent (24 hour online surveillance)


The marina is 200 metres from the tavernas and minimarkets of Port Vathi.


The Ferries to Nidri on Levkas have moved and now leave from Port Spilia.


Daily berthing price for typical 12 metres yacht (Sept 2014): Euros 30 (low season) up to Euros 47 (high season). About 12% lower than Levkas. See [1] for current prices.


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  • Further development of the marina appears to have halted, though all the moorings are in and there is water and electricity at all berths. There is also a café/restaurant, toilets and showers and wifi, but little else yet (in spite of the claims on the website).--Athene of Lymington 16:04, 31 July 2012 (BST)
  • Nicely managed clean, professional operation. Beautiful clear water on the beach outside the breakwater. --Monterey Sept 2014

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