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Port Vathi, Meganisi
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Vathi, Meganisi

Port Vathi is the main harbour of the island of Meganisi in the Ionian islands of Greece. Like its neighbouring harbour of Port Spilia half a mile W, it lies at the head of a deep inlet at the N end of the island and provides good shelter from the prevailing winds. The harbour provides berthing for around 12-15 yachts in its inner, old harbour and 68 in the marina of Odyseas Marina, which has been established in the outer harbour. A further 20 yachts can moor on the pontoon of the Karnayio Taverna in a small cove immediately NW of the harbour, where there are laid moorings provided for diners in the taverna. Like Port Spilia, the harbour gets very busy in July and August and its several tavernas and bars are packed to the gunwhales with yacht crews. Shelter is good in most conditions, although strong northerlies send in a surge which is uncomfortable in the inner harbour and could be dangerous in exceptional conditions. Shelter in the marina is better.


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The approach to Port Vathi is free of dangers, except in the approach from due N, along the E side of the island of Skorpios, where a reef, Ifalos Heiromiti, lies about half a mile due E of Skorpios’ southern extremity. In the approach from E, beware of shoal patches off the islets and headlands protecting the anchorages of Port Atheni, Ormos Abelike and Ormos Kapali, all of which should be given a generous clearance.


There are several berthing options in Port Vathi, depending on the size and draft of your yacht and the wind conditions:

Inner Harbour

Yachts on inner harbour quay, Vathi

The N side of the inner harbour is occupied with fishing boat moorings, as is the inside of the breakwater. The S side is often taken up by tripper boats, although day boats also moor here to patronize the Taverna Stavros. Most yachts moor stern or bows-to using their anchors along the E quay, where there is space for around 12 yachts along its 100 metre length. Depths at the quay are only 1.5 metres and there is ballasting in parts; however, depths increase quite quickly to 3.2 metres about 10 metres off the quay. Only yachts with deep, transom-hung rudders would have problems going stern-to. The quay is equipped with stainless steel mooring rings, although several are missing, especially in the centre of the quay, making it difficult to get lines through the remaining fastenings in places. If the quay is full, it is possible to tie up overnight alongside the S quay in front of the Taverna Stavros (although it is only considerate to eat there if you do, since you are occupying space otherwise used by their patrons). Depths here are 2.5 - 3.0 metres.

Outer Harbour Quay

Although most of the outer harbour is occupied by Odyseas Marina, there is a length of quay extending 100 metres from the root of the inner breakwater as far as the church. Smaller yachts can go bows-to here with care, using their anchors, but note that depths at the quay are a metre or less in places.

Directly opposite the outer breakwater, along the north-east side and just to port as you enter the outer harbour there are moorings for about 6 yachts. There is a white house and there is 2.5m -3m if you moor between the two lamposts.

The outer breakwater has rings on the outside and if the weather is benign you can go stern to on your anchor.

Karnayio Taverna Pontoon

Pontoon of the Karnayio Taverna, Port Vathi

The Karnayio Taverna lies in the approaches to Vathi, immediately NW of the harbour. Shelter in the cove in which it lies is good in most conditions, although strong NE winds make it uncomfortable here. The taverna catwalk provides space for around 20 patrons, with laid moorings but no other facilities. The catwalk is rather rickety and the mooring lines thin, so it is not a place to go if there are strong winds predicted.

The majority of the outer harbour is occupied by the new Odyseas Marina, which opened in 2011 and is slowly becoming established. Click on link for details.

NE Quay

There is a space of around 25 yachts directly opposite to Odysseas Marina. Moor stern-to the quay which is equipped with stainless steel mooring rings. No facilities are there though works in progress are in place (August 2019).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


The depths in the inlet of Port Vathi are too great for most yachts. Better anchorages are to be found on the NE coast of the island (see Meganisi).


Water On the marina quays and on request on the quay (Euros 5)
Electricity At all marina berths plus two stanchions on the quay (Euros 5 per day
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Some bins around the quays
Fuel Fuel by tanker in the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs None, although Odyseas Marina can source many requirements from Vlikho or Levkas.
Internet At most of the cafes
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


  • Good supermarket behind old harbour quay (Palmos Supermarket), surprisingly well-stocked considering its location
  • Bakery 100 metres SE of old harbour quay

Eating out

  • Taverna Port Vathi is delightfully located and deservedly popular.
  • Taverna Stavros is popular with charter crews.


The Ferries to Nidri on Lefkas now leave from Port Spilia.


Places to Visit

The town of Vathi is not unattractive, especially out of season, and is well supplied with harbourside cafes and tavernas to while away the hours with people-watching. A 15 minute walk NE from the town brings you to the inlet of Ormos Abelike, one of the most attractive spots on the island, with its two tavernas and shingle beach. A 30-minute walk to the S is the village of Katomeri, a much sleepier spot than Port Vathi which few tourists take the trouble to visit.

Taverna Port Vathi


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  • The construction of the marina has turned Vathi into something of a Mecca for swanky yachts and large motorboats. However, the S quay in the old, inner harbour remains a popular stop-off for yachts provisioning for a few days in the anchorages on the NE side of Meganisi. --Athene of Lymington 15:47, 31 July 2012 (BST)
  • Although there is now electricity on the quay, nothing has been done to replace the missing stainless steel mooring rings, which makes life difficult if mooring on the central part of the quay. --Athene of Lymington 15:44, 24 June 2013 (BST)
  • At S quay a) in strong NE winds you may experience a swell especially on the right side of it, b) the mooring rings have been replaced by loop-ropes and c) only two pillars for water and electricity, with 4 sockets each, for approximately 12 yachts at the quay Mariope, 10 August 2019

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