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Map of Oinousses

Oinoussa (Οινούσσα) is the main island of a group of nine islands, the Oinousses (Οινούσσες) group, situated just over a mile off the NE coast of the Greek island of Chios and separated from it by a narrow channel, the Stenou Oinoussoun. The island’s main claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of several of the most wealthy Greek ship owning families, including the wealthiest of all, the Lemos clan, statues of the various members of which can be found all over the town. During August there is usually a "gathering of the clans" and the large natural harbour of Mandraki on the S side of the island can often be crammed to bursting with yachts and motor yachts of all sizes. Outside these times the harbour is usually very quiet and visiting yachts rarely have any problems finding a berth anchor moored on its long "yacht club" jetty or lying alongside one of the extensive and well-maintained quays. At the north end of the harbour is a large naval boarding school, accounting for the numerous youngsters with cropped haircuts usually seen around the town. Shelter in the harbour is excellent in winds from any direction, although, as with most Aegean harbours, gusts will be experienced with a strong meltemi.


1645 Nísos Khíos and Izmir Körfezi
G28 Nísos Khíos & the Coast of Turkey
54380 Tuzla Burnu to Samos
54386 Khios Strait Greece and Turkey
334 Chios Island & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor


See Aegean Sea.


Oinoussa is conveniently placed 40 miles SSW of the island of Lesvos and 15 miles N of the headland of Karaabdullah Burnu on the Turkish coast at the S end of the Chios Channel. It is thus a handy stopping off point on a cruise between Lesvos and the island of Samos 55 miles SE or the harbours of Ayvalik or Eskifoca and Sigacik or Kusadasi on the adjoining Turkish coast.


Numerous small islets off the E coast of Oinoussa.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The main (and indeed only) harbour in the island group is the ferry port of Mandraki on the south side of Oinoussa. There are no dangers in the approach to Mandraki from S or E. In the approach from N or W, however, the rocky islet of Vrk Prasonisia and a shoal patch just over half a mile SE of it need to be given a wide berth. In the approach from N, gusting will often be experienced in the narrow channel between Oinoussa and Chios, especially with winds from W round to NE. Once close in, the conspicuous blue church of Agios Nikolaos at the centre of the town will be seen through the gap in the islands and a further white church on the easternmost of the three small islands that protect the harbour from W and S, Nisos Mandraki. At the extreme S tip of Nisos Mandraki (visible only when rounding the island if approaching from N or W) is a small bronze statue of a mermaid perched on an isolated rock.



Chart of Mandraki, Oinoussa


Harbour icon Mandraki [[Oinousses#Mandraki|Mandraki]] (Μανδράκι) 38°30.800'N, 026°13.100'E

Mandraki is a large natural harbour that provides good all-round shelter, improved by a rubble breakwater and a natural sand bar connecting the three islands on the W side of the harbour and two concrete breakwaters protecting it from E. The harbour is entered from E, passing the mermaid to port and continuing on a dog leg course between these breakwaters. Do not be tempted by the narrow channel at the NW end of the harbour – it is shallow and used by small fishing boats only.

Yachts have several mooring options in Mandraki. At the NW end of the harbour there is a long concrete jetty with a 'yacht club' at its root which can accommodate around a dozen yachts on anchor moor, either stern or bows-to. Depths are around 3.0 metres, although they shoal to around 2.5 metres towards the end of the jetty. Yachts can also moor alongside the adjacent quay immediately E of the jetty, where there is room for 2/3 yachts in 3.0 metres before the fishing boat moorings start, or alongside the large ferry jetty at the root of the northern breakwater, clear of the area at the S end where the ferry berths. A further 3/4 yachts can moor alongside here. Depths at this quay are 4.0 – 5.0 metres. Finally, the harbour is large enough to anchor off if preferred in 4.0 – 5.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and sand. Shelter in the harbour is excellent from all directions.
With Chios in the background
The yacht club jetty and adjacent quay
Yachts berthed on yacht club jetty
Yachts berthed on adjacent quay
Fishing boats occupy most of the remaining quay …
… except for the ferry quay

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There is a "yacht club" in Mandraki, which is really more of a café/bar than a formally constituted yacht club. It offers a good bar, café meals, free wifi and toilets and is very welcoming to visiting yachts.


There are several anchorages on the W side of the main island of Oinoussa and others dotted among the small islands to the E of Oinoussa. A large scale chart is an advantage, particularly if exploring the ones to the E, since there are numerous reefs and shoals around the coast.

Satellite View of Ayios Ioannis

Ayios Ioannis

Ayios Ioannis/wiki/Oinousses#Ayios_Ioannis
Anchorage icon Ayios Ioannis [[Oinousses#Ayios Ioannis|Ayios Ioannis]] (Άγιος Ιωάννης) 38°30.800'N, 026°13.800'E

It is also possible to anchor in the cove of Ayios Ioannis half a mile E of the harbour. The holding here is good and the anchorage is reasonably well protected from the meltemi.

S coast of Oinoussa looking towards Ayios Ioannis

West Cove

West Cove/wiki/Oinousses#West_Cove
Anchorage icon West Cove [[Oinousses#West Cove|West Cove]] 38°31′N, 26°12.5′E
This a lovely cove, not very secure but good for lunch and a refreshing swim.

East Cove

East Cove/wiki/Oinousses#East_Cove
Anchorage icon East Cove [[Oinousses#East Cove|East Cove]] 38°30.3′N, 26°14.6′E
Good shelter here and good holding on sand and light weed. Isolated.

Pasha Island

Pasha Island/wiki/Oinousses#Pasha_Island
Anchorage icon Pasha Island [[Oinousses#Pasha Island|Pasha Island]] 38°30.1′N, 26°16.5′E
There are several coves on the west side of this large island lying 2.5 miles E of Mandraki. Most of them offer good shelter from the prevailing winds in very peaceful surroundings.


Water Mandraki: along the quays and on the jetty. Water is only switched on at present on Monday (confirmed May 2022 --Smoothtraveller France Icon.png) and Friday afternoons
Electricity Mandraki: along the quays and on the jetty. Not all the outlets are working, but it is usually possible to connect on and near the "yacht club" jetty, where there are six points available at two separate stations (although you may need a long extension cable)

This "arrangement" still works on May 2022 --Smoothtraveller France Icon.png

Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins next to the ‘yacht club’ jetty next to a little boatyard
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter "N/A"
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet At the yacht club and the Palaio Teloneio (Old Customs House) café/restaurant
Mobile connectivity Good 4G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


Mandraki/wiki/Oinousses#.5B.5B.23Mandraki.7CMandraki.5D.5DProvisions icon Mandraki [[Oinousses#Mandraki|Mandraki]] Minimarket next to the church of Ayios Nikolaos.

Eating out

Palaio Teloneio ((Old Customs House)/wiki/Oinousses#Palaio_Teloneio_.28.28Old_Customs_House.29Eatingout icon Palaio Teloneio ((Old Customs House) [[Oinousses#Palaio Teloneio ((Old Customs House)|Palaio Teloneio ((Old Customs House)]] opened in 2011 to provide a much-needed eatery in the port. It joined the existing simple taverna tucked in a small square behind the waterfront.
The ‘yacht club’ also does simple snack-type meals.


Transportation (local and/or international)

  • Ferries from harbour to Chios.
  • Water taxis to Langhada on Chios.


The Oinoussa "yacht club" (wifi)
The Palaio Teloneio café/restaurant (wifi)
Oinoussa Church
The mermaid welcomes visiting yacht

Places to Visit

The town of Oinoussa is a short (if steep) walk uphill from the harbour and contains many old houses and attractive villas as well as the church of Ayios Nikolaos and a minimarket. The wonderfully sited convent of Moni Evangelisou, nestling among pine trees and ringed with magnificent gardens, is about 45 minutes walk along the west side of the island. Knock on the door for admission (and be sure to dress conservatively for your visit). The walk along the coast road to the eastern end of the island passes a series of quiet coves, some of which are suitable as overnight anchorages in settled weather.

  • Marine Museum: Oinousses has a small Marine Museum, which houses the collection of Antonis Laimos, consisting of miniature ship models from the Napoleonic Wars, as well as works of the painter Aristeidis Glykas, pictures, lithographs portraying ships of the beginning of the century, books and local costumes. Entrence fee is €1.50 per person. --memo18111 Turkey Icon.png


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  • Oinoussa has always been one of our favourite ports of call when cruising this part of the Aegean. Although exceedingly quiet and with very few shoreside facilities, it's the kind of place you could chill out for a week or more as long as you arrived with your fridge well stocked. --Athene of Lymington 15:26, 29 June 2011 (BST)
  • A beautiful peaceful island that came alive on Saturday night with, seemingly, the entire population at the small cafe right on the waterfont eating Gyros and other fast food at very reasonable prices, followed by music from the restaurant until late at night. --LifePart2 12:09, 24 July 2013 (BST)

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