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Port Atheni, Meganisi
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Port Atheni from N

The inlet of Port Atheni lies on the NE coast of the island of Meganisi, which is separated from the much larger island of Lefkas to the W by a mile-wide channel . The most southerly of a series of three inlets (the other two being Kapali and Abelike) along this coast, Port Atheni has a small harbour at its S end with a quay accommodating 10-12 yachts on anchor moor. Visiting yachts can also berth on a taverna pontoon or in one of several anchorages on the N and S sides of the inlet. Shelter here is excellent in all but strong NE winds, which send in a nasty swell. Toilets, showers and wifi are available from the café or taverna in the inlet.


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An approach from Vathi should be made to seaward of the two small islets between it and Ormos Abelike, which have rocky shoals inshore of them. There are no dangers in the approach from S. Once inside the inlet, it divides into a S and N branch; the harbour is in the S branch, and between the two branches there is a dangerous reef extending 200 metres off the headland that divides them.


There are several berthing options in Port Atheni, depending on the size and draft of your yacht and the wind conditions:

Yacht Quay

Yachts on quay, Port Atheni

The yacht quay is situated at the S end of the inlet, between two short jetties, and can accommodate around 10-12 yachts on anchor moor. Note that the centre section is basically a ferry ramp and there are no mooring rings there. Depths along the quay range from 2.5 metres at the N end to 2.25 metres at the S end. Holding is good in mud and weed, but the condition of the mooring rings and rusty staples to take your shore lines should be carefully inspected, especially if strong winds are forecast. Shelter on the quay is good in virtually all conditions, although there is a swell in strong NE winds. Toilets and showers (Euros 2.50) at the café.

Beyond the quay is shallow and in any case filled with small craft on permanent moorings.

Nagias Taverna Pontoon

The Nagias Taverna lies on the S side of the inlet, around 100 metres N of the quay. It has a rather rickety pontoon which can squeeze in 10 - 12 yachts in depths of barely 1.5 metres (and only 1.0 metre along the recessed, N part). It is usually best to to bows-to in view of the depths. Also, there are very few points to which lines can be attached, and you are usually tying up to rusty bits of wire or angle iron at the back of the pontoon. Really the pontoon is only suitable for settled weather and under no circumstances with any swell running.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Port Atheni has some idyllic anchorages]

It is possible to free anchor in the harbour at the S end of the inlet, clear of the anchors of boats moored on the quay. Depths here are substantial and you will be dropping anchor in 10-12 metres. Holding is good in mud and weed (once through the weed). Alternatively, there are several other possibilities:

North Cove

North Cove/wiki/Port_Atheni#North_Cove
Anchorage icon North Cove [[Port Atheni#North Cove|North Cove]] 38°40.160'N, 020°47.528'E
The cove on the N side of the inlet (around the dangerous 200 metre spit that divides it from the main harbour of Port Atheni) is the most popular anchorage, giving good shelter from the prevailing NW winds. Drop anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres off the beach and take long lines ashore. Alternatively, anchor further out in 10-12 metres and take lines ashore to the rocks on the N side. Holding is good in sand. Shelter is good in all but strong NE or E winds.

South Coves

South Coves/wiki/Port_Atheni#South_Coves
Anchorage icon South Coves [[Port Atheni#South Coves|South Coves]] 38°39.758'N, 020°48.509'E


Water From the taverna or café via a long hose
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets Use the taverna
Showers N/A
Laundry Washing machine (Euros 4.0) at the cafe
Garbage Some bins near the quay
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs None, although it is possible to source many requirements from Vlikho or Levkas
Internet At Niagas Taverna
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


  • Small minimarket behind the café
  • Other provisions shops in Katomeri

Eating out

Niagas Taverna is the only game in town and very popular with charter flotillas.




Places to Visit

The inlet is in an attractive setting and there are good walks around the S and N sides. A steep uphill climb from the S end of the harbour brings one in 15 minutes or so to the attractive village of Katomeri at the highest point of the island, which is quiet and unspoilt, since few tourists take the trouble to visit.

Shady courtyard, Katomeri


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  • The yacht quay is a pleasant place to while away a couple of days and mercifully free from flotilla crews, who normally berth on the Niagas Taverna pontoon. --Athene of Lymington 15:39, 27 May 2013 (BST)

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