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Puerto Montt
Port of Entry
41°29.339'S, 072°58.719'W Chart icon.png
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The Costanera
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Puerto Montt is a port city and commune in southern Chile. The first European settlers in the area were not of Spanish descent but were from what is now Germany. The first shipload of settlers arrived as recently as 1853 ( the nearby island of Calbuco -only a daysail away - was settled by the Spanish in 1604) and the Germanic influence is to be seen everywhere in the region in areas as diverse as the food and the architecture.

Puerto Montt, with a population rapidly approaching 250,000, is now the fastest growing regional city in Chile with this growth being due in no small part to the equally rapid growth of aquaculture in the waters to the south.

The town is an excellent base for trips as far south as Laguna San Raphael (800 miles there and back) and around and about the out islands lying to the east of Isla de Chiloe.

Angelmo waterfront
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade


See also Chile.


Puerto Montt's climate is temperate... and wet. Rainfall is in the order of 1600mm/63 inches a year and even the 'dry' summer months get 90 mm - about 3 inches - a month. While you would be ill-advised to ever go ashore without a spray jacket in your pack the weather can also be brilliant. The norwesterlies bring the rain... with easterlies coming off the Andes fine weather with crystal clear air is the norm. It doesn't snow at sea level and the temperature rarely drops to 0°C

Sources for Weather forecasts:


See Chile.


Armada VHF channels are 16/14

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Canal Tenglo can only be accessed from its southern entrance by yachts. While there are no dangers in the approach the waters of Seno Reloncavi are fished intensively and a favourite float for marking nets and lines is the empty Coke bottle... it is not a nice place to be in the dark… --Frank


Puerto Montt is a port of entry/exit for Chile. For details see Entrance: Chile.

Variable… when I arrived from New Zealand in 2004 and again 2016 all departments (Armada/Aduana/Immigration/Quarantine) came down to the boat This may not always be the case. In 2016 both Quarantine and Immigration actually turned up the day after we arrived. There was no charge for any of their services. --Frank

Likewise, when applying for a Zarpe prior to departure it may be organized for you by the marina or you may have to go to the Capitánia de Puerto in Angelmo. Either way apply several days in advance, longer if it is your first Zarpe.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There are two marinas in Puerto Montt, in order from seaward along the north shore of Canal Tenglo they are:

Club Nautico on a wet Pto Montt day
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Club Deportes Nauticos Reloncavi

Club Deportes Nauticos Reloncavi/wiki/Puerto_Montt#Club_Deportes_Nauticos_Reloncavi
Marina icon 'Club Deportes Nauticos Reloncavi [[Puerto Montt#Club Deportes Nauticos Reloncavi|Club Deportes Nauticos Reloncavi]] (commonly known as 'Club Nautico) 41°30.008'S, 072°59.235'W

A floating dock for 70 boats up to 18 m in length. Water, electricity, hot showers and a restaurant. Boatyard with 27 ton travelift and 10 ton crane. With prior arrangement diesel can be delivered by road tanker. Tideswell Marine Services is based at the marina. David Tideswell can deal with all matters electrical, mechanical and also rigging. Contact is [email protected] , phone +56 9 6219 9858

XX@XXX; Tel: +56 (65) 255 022; Fax: +56 (65) 264 022; VHF channel 16 (during the day)
Address: Camino Chinquihue km 7, Puerto Montt, Chile
Canal Tenglo, Marina del Sur on the left
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Marina del Sur

Marina del Sur/wiki/Puerto_Montt#Marina_del_Sur
Marina icon Marina del Sur [[Puerto Montt#Marina del Sur|Marina del Sur]] 41°29.414'S, 072°58.928'W

100 slips with floating dock system, capable of receiving vessels up to 20 metres long, 5 metre draught and 6 metre beam. Water, electricity, hot showers, laundry, and a small restaurant. Marina del Sur has a yacht lift with capacity to handle vessels up to 65 feet in length and 40 tons.

[email protected]; Tel/Fax: +56 (65) 225 1958; VHF channel 16
Both marinas have regular bus services to town passing their gates. Oxxean Marina now caters only to the commercial fishing fleet. Yachts can still take diesel alongside the North western finger.

Marina Costa de Huelmo

Marina Costa de Huelmo/wiki/Puerto_Montt#Marina_Costa_de_Huelmo
Marina icon Marina Costa de Huelmo [[Puerto Montt#Marina Costa de Huelmo|Marina Costa de Huelmo]] 41°39.700'S, 073°03.700'W

About 10 miles SSW of Puerto Montt, remote location in lovely peaceful surroundings. A family owned marina established in 2015 with floating pontoons. Water and electricity. Quite isolated.

[email protected]; Tel: +56 (98) 329 2017; Mobile: +56 (98) 920 4532; VHF channels 67 & 16
Address: Huelmo, Punta Capacho, Puerto Montt, Chile
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing
Huelmo Marina
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade


Canal Tenglo

Canal Tenglo/wiki/Puerto_Montt#Canal_Tenglo
Anchorage icon Canal Tenglo [[Puerto Montt#Canal Tenglo|Canal Tenglo]] 41°29.838'S, 072°58.901'W
Anchorage is available in the bight between Club Nautico and Oxxean on the Isla Tenglo side. It offers good shelter and the holding, in mud, is good. Make sure you are well clear of the traffic which is constant, day and night.


Water Available on the fingers at all marinas
Electricity 240V available at all marinas
Toilets In all marinas.
Showers In all marinas
Laundry In all marinas.
Garbage In all marinas.
Fuel Available alongside at Marina Oxxean and and, with prior arrangement at Club Nautico.
Bottled gas The situation varies, in 2024 arrangements could be made at Club Nautico to have tanks taken away for filling. This is quite expensive - Cost in April 2024 was $CH69.000 to have two 4.5 kilo bottles filled..
Chandlers Angelmo is well served by a good number of chandlers selling the full range from charts through electronics to cordage. Also worthy of note are:
  • Gami Ltda - Gami 'MundoBaterias' are agents for all major battery brands such as Bosch, AC Delco and Trojan. On board testing and installation.
    Address: Avda Pdte. Ibanez, Puerto Montt; Tel: +56 (65) 262 560
  • Ecosub - Ecosub is a full service dive shop
    Address: Panamericana 510 ( Ruta 5 ), Puerto Montt; [email protected]; Tel: +56 (65) 263 939
  • Dimarsa & Dimarsa Industrial - If these people don't have it you don't need it. Everything from cosmetics and camping kit to inflatables and Yanmar diesels.
  • B.A.S.G. Marine http://www.basgmarine.cl in Angelmo have a reasonable range of Chandlery items.
Repairs Extensive hardstand with 27 ton travelift and 10 ton crane in Club Nautico . Boat lift in Marina del Sur can be used for short term lifts.
Internet WiFi in Club Nautico.
Mobile connectivity Yes
Vehicle rentals Yes


Produce fresh off the boat
Photo: Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade
  • Puerto Montt is an excellent port for storing ship with a good choice of supermercados. The largest two are Jumbo and Lider although all should be visited as what you can't find in one you can find in another.

Excellent meat is to be found in Nueva Branau. Getting there involves a bus ride to Puerto Varas and then a second bus to Nueva Branau. The carnicería is just before the village. Seriously good meat vacuum packed to order as you wait.

  • For fresh produce and fish, however, the weekend market at Angelmo is the better choice while potatoes and onions can be bought in bulk can be purchased at Muelle de Pappas in Angelmo. Street vendors throught the town sell good quality fruit and vegetables, often better and cheaper than in the supermercados.
  • There are small ferreterias ( hardware stores) scattered throughout the town and what you want will be out there somewhere. The two largest in the town are Ferreteria Weitzler S.A.; Antonio Varas 1112, and Easy, Ejercito 470

Eating out

  • Numerous good restaurants in Puerto Montt
  • Restaurants in Club Nautico and Marina del Sur.


  • There are regular flights to and from Santiago in the north (1 hour 40 minutes) and Balmaceda and Punta Arenas in the south.
  • Navimag operates a ferry service to and from Puerto Natales and Puerto Chacabuco
  • Naviera Austral connects Puerto Montt with Chaitén
  • Regular bus services from the Terminus de Buses on the Costenera connect Puerto Montt with destinations throughout Chile and Argentina.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

  • Lots to see and do


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Chile.


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  • I have heard it said - by locals - that the #1 occupation of the locals is thieving and I would tend not to disagree. In fact the only gringos I have met that haven't been robbed are in my opinion simply victims in waiting. Puerto Montt is not alone in this regard... Vina del Mar... Santiago... they all have their problems.

    Major areas of concern are around the Terminal de Buses on the Costanera and on the buses themselves. I will no longer catch a bus anywhere near the Terminus de Buses or where there is a crowd. I have known people to lose their day packs while in respectable inet cafes.. while well dressed young ladies try to unzip sailors' day packs while they are walking down Antonio Varas - the main shopping street- in the middle of the day. I have even lost a jacket - fortunately with no valuables in the pockets - from a secure locker in one of the major supermercados ...

    The marinas are quite secure. --Frank

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