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Puerto Williams
Port of Entry
54°56.100'S, 067°37.100'W Chart icon.png
lat=-54.935 | lon=-67.61833 | zoom=13 | y
Puerto Williams panorama
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade]

This is the administrative centre for Magallanes y Antártica Chilena. Its primary purpose is as an Armada base and a good percentage of the population are either armada personnel or their dependants. Puerto Williams has a population of about 2200. It is the first port of entry for yachts arriving in Chile from Argentina and the Atlantic. Yachts lie alongside the hulk Micalvi which can be very busy in the summer months with arriving and departing yachts.


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Puerto Williams is the jumping off point for yachts doing either the 'Circuito de Ventisqueros' or the 'Circuito de Hornos' and also for yachts heading north through the channels to Puerto Montt.


'Puerto Williams Radio' maintains a listening watch on Ch 16, working channel is Ch 14.

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Capitania de Puerto in Winter
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade

One hour before ETA call 'Puerto Williams Radio' on VHF 16. Call again after securing alongside 'Micalvi'. If arriving from a foreign port Armada/immigration/customs and quarantine are all dealt with at the office of the Capitánia de Puerto. On arrival a time shall be given to attend the office with the entire ship's company. On arrival from the Falklands in October 2017 a visit had to be made to the individual offices... Capitánia, Aduana, and Immigration.

If arriving from the north or returning from a Circuito de Ventisqueros or a Circuito de Hornos the captain must call at the office of the Capitánia de Puerto with the Zarpe from the last port. It is then a simple matter of giving the ship's details and signing the book.

Go to the Capitánia with a written request for a Zarpe listing crew, planned itinerary, and ETA next port. If leaving Chile for Argentina or elsewhere all formalities are completed at the Capitánia.

For entrance details see Chile.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Winter in Williams
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade

Club Naval de Yates Micalvi is based on the hulk of the old Armada transport Micalvi which is a historic monument. Yachts simply raft up alongside. The facility is owned and managed by the Armada. There is metered 240 volt power available ( the blue plugs...euro type?) as well as FW when the pipes aren't frozen. Hot showers are available. There are garbage reception facilities but waste engine oil must be taken to the Armada workshop a few hundred metres up the road. During summer 2017/2018 the rate for yachts under 12 metres was $6500 a day.. During the summer it can be very busy with yachts coming and going by day and night. Be prepared for a steady flow of people from charter yachts across your decks, many of them with limited sailing nous and agricultural footwear. During 2011 a considerable amount of work was done on Micalvi including new shower amenties, a complete new deck and a refurbished bar. The bar is currently ( December 2017 ) closed although the clubroom is still available to visitors.

Micalvi in the high season
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade
Micalvi in the low season
Photo: Steve Hurst - sv Westerly Serenade"
First yacht lifted by the new Travelift, December 2017
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade"


To the NW of Micalvi lies Seno Lauta, it is possible to use a buoy in this seno with the permission of the Capitánia.


Water Potable water available on Micalvi
Electricity 240V available on Micalvi
Toilets On Micalvi
Showers On Micalvi
Laundry Several people in the town take in laundry
Garbage At Micalvi
Fuel Both gasoline and diesel available in the town
Bottled gas Available from Gasco at a reasonable price.
Chandlers Nil, there is however a small hardware store in the plaza. There is also a gasfitter in the town
Repairs In December 2017 the first yacht was lifted out with the travelift in the new fishing boat harbour. It can handle 35 tonnes and 4 metre beam.

While it is expected that it shall be very busy with fishing boats during the summer months they are keen to attract yachts during the winter

Internet Entel
Mobile connectivity Entel
Vehicle rentals No


All basic facilities are available in the town including gas (propane), diesel, and petrol. There are 4 (very) small supermercados .. (the term supermercado is used in Chile to describe what in other parts of the world would be called a general store). All foodstuffs such as you would expect to find in a town of this size can be purchased. Special orders can be organised at Simon y Simon.

The ferry 'Yahgan' arrives from Punta Arenas every Saturday morning. It is possible to arrange for food , spare parts, etc to be shipped down on this ferry from Punta Arenas.

Eating out

There are several small restaurants in the town.


DAP has flights on 6 days of the week to Punta Arenas. Flights need to be booked at least several weeks in advance.

The new ro-ro ferry 'Yahgan' operates a weekly passenger and freight service between Puerto Williams and Punta Arenas.

The RIB 'Calafate' operates between Puerto Navarino and Ushuaia in the summer and a mini bus connects with Pto Williams as required.



Established as a Chilean naval base in 1953.

Places to Visit

There are many good walks to the south of the town, some being of several days duration. The town has several small bars and restaurants.

There is an ATM at the Banco de Chile. ENTEL provide broad band wifi internet coverage and modems can be purchased in the town, cost is reasonable at about US$18 for 15 days/ 5 Gb. There is also internet at the school library ( free but limited hours and you have to wait your turn..).


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See Chile.


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