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Salcombe harbour, looking out to sea

Salcombe is at the heart of west country sailing. Now mostly a fashionable tourist destination, for centuries it has been an important fishing and shipbuilding town. The ruined forts near the entrance date back to the English Civil War, and there are still many concrete reminders of the 2nd World War, when Salcombe played host to thousands of troops and ships in the run-up to D-day.

During the holiday season, Salcombe and the estuary is thronging - with yachts rafted 3,4 or 5 to every visitors buoy. However, as soon as the children go back to school, the estuary calms down and you'll be able to find peace once more on the water.


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The harbour lies between Bolt Head to the west and Prawle Point to the east. Salcombe's Bar, made famous in Tennyson's "Crossing of the Bar", stretches south westerly across the entrance from Limebury Point on the east side. This sand bar has a least depth of 0.7 metres LAT and should not be negotiated on an ebb tide with strong onshore winds or swell. The entrance leading line (000°T) is marked by a red and white striped pole with red topmark on the Poundstone Rock, with a second beacon behind it on Sandhill Point, which is white with a horizontally striped red and white diamond topmark. The rear beacon displays a Directional Flashing light WRG 2sec., of which the white sector 357° - 002°T shows the leading line. Once Blackstone Rock is abeam to starboard, the main fairway course of 042°T can be set, again marked by leading lights near to Scoble Point. The navigable channel through the turn from 000 T to 045 T is marked by six lateral buoys. Three port hand buoys at Bass Rock, Poundstone and Castle with QR lights and three starboard hand buoys at Wolf Rock, Blackstone Souoth and Blackstone North with QG lights


All water related activities are managed by the harbour master (VHF Channel 14 or 01548 843791). As you approach, make contact with him, and he will assign you a berth.

Unusually for such a big yachting centre, there is no marina in Salcombe. Visiting boats will be requested to pick up one of the many mooring buoys in the harbour - and to share nicely with other boats in high season. If you want the night-life of Salcombe or peace and quiet away from the town, mention this to the harbour master when requesting a berth.

Transport to/from your boat is eased by the Harbour Taxi (VHF Channel 12)

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Salcombe Yacht Club - overlooking the harbour as you enter, welcomes members of other sailing clubs. Their facilities are good - but land-based.


No anchoring in the fairway.

Fair weather anchorages in Sunny Cove and under Bolt Head as you enter the harbour Above Salcombe there are good anchorages near the Saltstone on the way to Kingsbridge and in Frogmore creek. As ever, boat that can take the bottom have a much greater choice

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Salcombe Boat Store, on Island Street, will be able to supply most general chandlery items.


Whilst walking along island Steet towards the Boat Store, you will pass more boat-related business than you could need.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

from the fuel barge in the middle of the harbor
from the visitors (short stay) pontoon
Not Available

Things to do Ashore


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Grocery & Supply Stores

Salcombe is surprisingly poorly equipped for provisioning. There is a grocery store, Cranches, that is tiny but holds most of what you need. In addition there is bakery and a butcher.

For major victualling, you need to go to Kingsbridge, which is 5 or 6 miles away by road (FIXME: not sure if Kingsbridge is accessible by launch??? to 50°16.9′N, 3°46.53′W) - there are 3 major supermarkets there.


Salcombe has many restaurants and pubs ranging from takeaway fish and chips to haute cuisine.


There is a harbour-wide wifi - code available from the harbourmaster


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal



  • Bus to Kingsbridge
  • Ferry across the harbour to East Portlemouth


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