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WorldSouth AtlanticSouth AmericaBrazilSalvador, Brazil
Salvador de Bahia
Port of Entry
12°58.045'S, 038°31.342'W Chart icon.png
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The Brazilian state of Bahia's capital is the city of Salvador, or more properly, São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, that is located at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of All Saints. The name is an archaic spelling of the Portuguese word meaning bay and comes from All Saints' Bay, first seen by European sailors in 1501.


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Salvador, Brazil is a port of entry for Brazil. For details see Entrance: Brazil.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

View of the marina

Bahia Marina

Bahia Marina/wiki/Salvador,_Brazil#Bahia_Marina
Berth icon Bahia Marina [[Salvador, Brazil#Bahia Marina|Bahia Marina]] 12°58.738'S, 038°31.208'W
Port of Entry

Bahia Marina provides international standard insfrastructure to clients:

  • Mooring berth – 176 thousand square meters.
  • 400 spots at floating piers made of aluminum, with access control, lightning poles, electrical socket and hydrometers.
  • 200 dry spots at an uncovered area with access control.
  • Area for docking with 5 thousand square meters.
  • Travel Lift for boat moving with capacity for 40 ton.
  • SSB and VHF Radio station and WiFi signal.
  • Marina Goumet, gastronomic center.
  • Monitoring – 24 hours a day, with video system support.
  • Parking lot with 560 spots.
  • Living room for clients with cabo TV and internet access.
  • Floating gas station.
  • Stores for nautical services and products.
[email protected]; Tel: +55 (71) 3320-8888; Fax: +55 (71) 3322 7244; VHF channels 16, 68
Address: Av. Contorno, nº 1010 - Comércio - CEP 40.015-160, Brazil

Marina Pier Salvador

Marina Pier Salvador/wiki/Salvador,_Brazil#Marina_Pier_Salvador
Berth icon Marina Pier Salvador [[Salvador, Brazil#Marina Pier Salvador|Marina Pier Salvador]] 12°54.820'S, 038°29.470'W

Located N of the town. All facilities.

[email protected]; Tel: +55 (71) 3316 1406; Fax: +55 (71) 3316 1406; VHF channel XX
Address: Av. Porto dos Tainheiros, 1704 Ribeira, Salvador, Brazil

Terminal Náutico

Terminal Náutico/wiki/Salvador,_Brazil#Terminal_N.C3.A1utico
Berth icon Terminal Náutico [[Salvador, Brazil#Terminal Náutico|Terminal Náutico]] (SOCICAM) 12°58.342'S, 038°30.972'W
Port of Entry

78 berths in floating docks. Max length 75ft. Max depth 3.95m. All facilities.

[email protected]; Tel: +55 (71) 3241 9783; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: Avenida França, s/n. Comércio, Salvador/BA CEP: 40.010-000, Brazil
  • Bahia Yacht Club - Sete de Septembro 3252, Salvador BA , Brazil CEP 40130 001. Ph: +55 (0)71 336 9011, VHF 16, 68, Email
  • Centro Nautico (CENAB). Avenida da Franca, s/n Commercio, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. 40.010-010. Ph:+55 (0) 3263434, Fax:+55 (0) 3263433. Email


There several anchorages nearby. Warning: Sevral crimes against anchored yachts have been reported. It best to stay in a marina.

All Saints Bay

All Saints Bay

This is the largest bay on the Brazilian coast, Todos os Santos has a large number of islands with tropical beaches and vegetation. In its 1,052 square km, it contains 56 islands, receive sweet water from numerous rivers and creeks, especially the Paraguaçú and Subaé and bathes the first capital of Brazil and the largest in the Northeast, Salvador, and more than ten municipalities. It is the largest navigable bay in Brazil and one of the most favorite spots for nautical sports, due to its regular breezes, the medium annual temperature of 26 °C (77 °F) and sheltered waters. Todos os Santos Bay offers various leisure options, with hundreds of vessels of all different types, especially saveiros, schooners, motor boats, jet-ski that criss-cross its crystalline waters on maritime excursions to the islands, and boat races.

Major popular events and sports activities occur throughout the year, beginning on January 1, with the Procession of Bom Jesus dos Navegantes greeting the New Year.


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