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Ilha de Itaparica
13°01.438'S, 038°41.672'W Chart icon.png
lat=-13.02396 | lon=-38.69453 | zoom=10 | y
Ilha de Itaparica.png
Map of Ilha de Itaparica

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Approach to Itaparica Town Anchorage and Marina da Itaparica: A bit confusing, due to the naval degaussing area marked by yellow buoys in the approach, but most yachts could just approach slowly with no problems.

There are some lateral buoys that mark a channel with about 20m. If you stay in this channel until you come to a kind of wooden platform (which has valves that control an underground gas pipeline) near a green buoy, keep the green buoy to port and the nearby north cardinal buoy to starboard and head for the anchorage/marina.



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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Marina da Itaparica, Av 25 de Outubro, Ita-Ba, CEP 44460000, Brazil. Facilities: Swing moorings, walk-on moorings, shore power, water, restaurant, wi-fi (If it works). If planning to leave your boat unattended for extended periods, trustworthy locals at the marina (but not employed by the marina) to contact are José or Pedro. Price to stay on the marina for a 24-hour period is R$1 per ft (Jan-2011), but you can remain on the jetty for daylight hours only to fill up with water and use shore power (220V and 110V) for R$10 (2009). Be aware that voltage or Hertz might not be stable. Also be aware of algae in the jetty water. There will be two Taps on the Jetty one Industrial Water and one Springwater. A much better source of water is spring water from the fountain taps, or "Bica" behind the Marina, free of charge and very tasty.


  • Itaparica Town Anchorage, right by Marina da Itaparica, well protected from prevailing winds, 4-5m depths. The anchorage and marina floating jetties can be bumpy due to a combination of currents, wind (When South) and tide.


  • Good drinking water available from taps behind Marina da Itaparica. Most of the town residents bring jugs to these taps to get their drinking water
  • Chlorinated version of the above water is available from taps on docks at the marina (in 2011, there is a fee of 5R$ to dinghy in and fill water jugs)
Electricity The Marina has 110V and 220V shore power
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry A local lady comes by the marina most days offering to do laundry. Prices are per item and fairly expensive for Brazil
Garbage ?
Fuel ?
Bottled gas ?
  • Ivan and Cristina, sail repair and canvas work. Speak English, French, Portuguese. Phone: +55 (3631) 1366, itaparicavelas@
  • There are small (non-marine) hardware stores in Itaparica (on the main road that goes up the hill). Much better selection of hardware is available by taking a ferryboat to Salvador (around Bahia Marina, Centro Nautico, and Rua Barao de Cotegipe).
Repairs There is a wall just south of the Marina available for careening your yacht at full spring tides, which can attain 2.8m - to be used with the permission of George (who also provides ice at R$3), who is behind the large metal gates next to the freshwater fountain entrance and marina ablution facilities. Catamarans and bilge keelers can utilize the sandbank south of the marina, drying at every low tide
  • Muito Mais Pousada, near Marina de Itaparica at Av. Antônio Calmon 252, R$2/hour for Wi-Fi. Also has computers on the internet. The only place where English is spoken. Also offers low-cost local cuisine and bed-and-breakfast facilities: Website
  • Hotel Icaraí, on Main street (Av. 25 de Outubro) along the waterfront, just before the fort, R$5/day for Wi-Fi.
  • On the main street, up the hill, are two other internet places, both with computers and Wi-Fi. One place says Fax, Internet outside, the other is called Brothers Online and caters to gamers and internet users.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Several small Mercados (grocery stores). Mercado do Alto at the top of the hill, on the right-hand side, has very clean, good quality and clearly priced vegetables. Be aware that some of the smaller traders do not price items and will try to rip tourists off
  • Bom Preco supermarket in the town of Bom Dispacho has the greatest variety and boasts good specials -- R$2 by Kombi (shared VW minibus) or R$10 by taxi.
  • It's best to shop around for the best prices - cost of living can be very low if you're willing to do a bit of walking
  • On Sunday afternoons, the majority of mercados are closed
  • Loaves of bread are expensive, but rolls (paozinhos) are well priced at 7 rolls per R$1 (2009). Look for bakeries (panificados)
  • Be aware that vegetables do not last long - even onions, potatoes, carrots can last less that one week

Eating out

  • Amigos Bar, on street that runs along harbor. Run by South African ex-cruisers.
  • Marina has two restaurants
  • Several more eateries along road near harbor, and in town


  • Kombi's (VW minibusses) go all over the island - fixed cost (2009) of R$2 from Marina de Itaparica to Bom Despacho (from where the ferry departs to Salvador) and R$2.50 to Mar Grande (from where the ferryboat departs to Salvador). Taxis (tax) and motorcycle taxis (moto-taxi) also available. Look behind Mercado Santa Luiza (on the street that runs along harbor) for Kombis and taxis
  • Ferry from Bom Despacho to the Casada suburb of Salvador, where there is a cheap fresh produce and spice market (São Joaquim, well worth a visit)
  • Ferryboat (smaller than above ferry, but runs more often) from Mar Grande to Salvador (around Centro Nautico/Immigration/Port Captain). Runs on the hour and half-hour, 0500-1900 weekdays, somewhat different hours on the weekend



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  • Havens and Anchorages, Tom Morgan, RCC Pilotage Foundation
  • Cruising the Coast of Brazil, Marcal Ceccon

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  • Virtually nobody speaks English here, so some knowledge of Portuguese is useful. Even Spanish is widely understood. Try to learn some of the local lingoes - as with everywhere else, the people will appreciate your attempt and display a more open and friendly attitude
  • Itaparica is very safe in comparison with Salvador and is recommended as a good place to leave your yacht for an extended period of time (on anchor or on a mooring, which can be arranged through Jose or Pedro)

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