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Southeast Asia
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Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia.

Sailing in South East Asia is akin to cruising in paradise :- the variety in cultures, in languages, in food, in flora and fauna, in the seasons, in the affordable cost of cruising.

Not to mention :- The islands - white sand beaches - blue skies - good marinas at destinations - access to yacht supplies - inexpensive labour for haul out work - good carpenters - excellent paint jobs.

Many cruisers arrive for a short visit and stay a long time.

Overview of the Region

South East Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China (East Asia), east of India (South Asia), west of New Guinea and north of Australia.

The region lies near the intersection of geological plates, with heavy seismic and volcanic activity.

South East Asia comprises two geographic regions:

Countries in South East Asia

Brunei Icon.png Brunei
Cambodia Icon.png Cambodia
China Icon.png China
East Timor Icon.png East Timor
Guam Icon.png Guam
Hong Kong Icon.png Hong Kong -> See also China
Indonesia Icon.png Indonesia
Laos (has no coast)
Malaysia Icon.png Malaysia
Burma Icon.png Burma
Northern Mariana Islands Icon.png Northern_Marianas
Philippines Icon.png Philippines
Sarawak Icon.png Sarawak
Singapore Icon.png Singapore
Taiwan Icon.png Taiwan
Thailand Icon.png Thailand
Vietnam Icon.png Vietnam

Islands and Other States

South East Asia Weather Information

Most of South East Asia lies in the tropical belt, between about 20N and 10S. Weather at most times of the year can be expected to be warm and humid, with frequent rain and occasional storms.

Prevalence of tropical storms (hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons) depends on the latitude. Check the weather conditions for the country that you are visiting to get a better idea of times of the year to avoid. Some parts of the region, notably nearest the equator (e.g. Singapore) are unaffected by typhoons at any time of the year, whereas in some other parts of the region (e.g. Central Vietnam) they are very frequent.

Sources for weather information

The following forecasters' websites are those that specifically provide Cruisers with weather related to daily activities and journeys - also provision has been made to cover Tropical Storms. As with many web-sites of this type - it may be necessary to navigate the site to acquire specific information. In addition, updates will be required to correct frequent changes to the URLS.


  • Andy Dowden & Bill O’Leary, Southeast Asia Pilot, Image Asia, ISBN 9749499808*: Formerly known as The Andaman Sea Pilot, a very well documented sea pilot issued by Image Asia Events Co., Ltd in Phuket. Lots of anchorages reaching from Darwin to Andaman Islands, with detailed drawings of heaps of anchorages. More details on the website


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