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Warderick Wells
24°23.085'N, 076°37.305'W Chart icon.png
Anchorage at Warderick Wells - Photo: Mike T

Warderick Wells is the center of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, which was created by the Bahamian Government in 1959. It stretches from Wax Cay Cut in the north to Conch Cut in the south. The park headquarters buildings are located here. Because this is a park, nothing may be taken from it. All fish, birds, animals, plants, coral, even rocks and sand, are protected. This includes seashells, both living and dead.

You must be self sufficient in the park. There are no supplies of any kind, including water. There is a small gift shop at the park headquarters - proceeds go to support the park. There are no bathrooms, showers, laundry, grocery store, restaraunts, or other shoreside facilities.


Strongly recommend the Explorer Chartbook by Monty and Sara Lewis.

Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name


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  • Emerald Rock. A small dome shaped rock which marks one of the mooring fields in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. It lies to the west of the center of Warderick Wells cay, at approximately 24:23.1 North, 76:37.6 West.


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When approaching Warderick Wells, and still some miles out, call the park on 16 and request a mooring. You will need to plan your approach based on which mooring field you are assigned to. There is a large shoal between the main mooring field and the Emerald Rock field, which prevents direct passage between the two.

The Explorer Chartbook gives good waypoints for the main mooring field located in front of the park HQ. If you are assigned a mooring at Emerald Rock, the best approach from Exuma Bank is from a waypoint at 24:21 North, 76:40 West, then to a waypoint off the Malabar Cays at 24:22 North, 76:38.5 West, then to Emerald Rock, where the moorings will become visible. You will need to hunt around for the mooring number you have been assigned.

Coming from Exuma Sound is straightforward. Be sure to contact the park when in radio range to get your mooring assignment. This will allow you time to plot your course to your assigned mooring field. If you are assigned to the Emerald Rock field, you will have to sail southwest past the main mooring field, past Narrow Water Cay, past the two mile shoal, to a point approximately 24:22 north, 76:40 west, where you may then turn south and follow the instructions above for Exuma Bank.



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  • The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park controls all the moorings. Anchoring is not permitted in the mooring fields. There is a $15 per day charge, but this will be waived by volunteering for work parties at the park HQ. The main mooring field, referred to as Warderick Wells, is horseshoe shaped in front of the park HQ with about 22 moorings, with good all around protection, although a strong current runs in and out of it. A second large mooring field is on the west side of the island between the cay and Emerald Rock, and is open to the west and south. There is a third small mooring field on the southeast corner of the island, between the cay and Hog Cay. Be sure to radio ahead - the Warderick Wells mooring field is the most desirable and is often full. Each morning the park staff runs a radio net where they make announcements and take reservations for mooring field changes.



N/A (Not Available)

The nearest water would be at either Highborne Cay to the north or Compass Cay or Sampson Cay to the south.


N/A (Not Available)

The nearest electricity would be at either Highborne Cay to the north or Compass Cay or Sampson Cay to the south.






N/A (Not Available)





N/A (Not Available)

The nearest fuel would be at either Highborne Cay to the north or Compass Cay or Sampson Cay to the south.

Cooking gas

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There are no marine repair facilities here; there is, however, a workshop which repairs park equipment and is staffed by volunteers who are knowledgeable and have an assortment of tools. It is possible that some aid could be had here in the event of an emergency


  • Exuma Wifi Buy the prepaid card online through the open login or in one of the marinas or stores. It is $10 a day, $25 for three days.

Mobile connectivity

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Vehicle Rentals

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None, the nearest are Staniel Cay to the south & Highborne Cay to he north.


By seaplane only.

Eating out

  • "Boo Boo Hill". About one quarter mile walk NE of park HQ. Yachties leave 'memorabilia' here in the form of pieces of wood with their boat names painted on them. Some are more elaborate
  • "Happy Hour" at the Park H.Q. on Saturday evenings



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Places to Visit

  • Hiking trails around the island. Wear hiking shoes/boots, if possible. Bring drinks and snacks with you. The Park HQ will give you a free hiking map. A small first aid kit (for scratches from rocks and brush) and a handheld vhf might not be bad either
  • Volunteer at the park. You may be assigned any number of jobs from picking up litter to repairing outboards. You will be rewarded with both a good feeling for having contributed to the preservation of this beautiful area, and saving one day of mooring fees for each day you work.


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  • Northern anchorage in channel is truly beautiful (see photo) Moorings well placed mid-stream with shallow sand banks either side. Take your dinghy to the mooring in the Sea Garden for some nice snorkeling.

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