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The popular resort of Opatija lies on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula of Croatia, six miles W of the port of Rijeka and 11 miles due N of the island of Cres. Originally little more than a small fishing village and an isolated Benedictine abbey, the area became one of the favourite summer resorts of the Austrian nobility during the 19th century and a number of impressive villas and hotels were built along the coast, including the Villa Angiolina, built by a wealthy merchant from Rijeka, and the luxurious Hotel Kvarner. The legacy of this ‘golden age’ is seen today in the town’s splendid parks and 10 kilometer beachfront promenade. For yachtsmen, the main attraction is the town’s two marinas, the ACI-owned Marina Opatija close to the suburb of Icici, with 302 berths for yachts up to 60 metres in depths up to 6.0 metres and the Marina Admiral, owned by the adjacent hotel of the same name, with 160 berths for yachts up to 30 metres in depths up to 4.0 metres.


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There are no dangers in the approach to Opatija. The ACI-owned Marina Opatija lies two miles S of Opatija at the suburb or Icici, a few hundred metres N of the tiny beach and harbour of Icici. Marina Admiral is situated just under a mile further N next to the conspicuous hotel of the same name. A mile further N is the small harbour of Opatija, where the fuel dock is located. However, visiting yachts will struggle to find a berth here since is it full of local moorings. Both marinas are entered from NE. Depths in the marinas range from 6.0 metres at Marina Opatija to 4.0 metres at Marina Admiral. Shelter is good in both marinas, although entry can be difficult in strong onshore winds.


Old harbour of Opatija

Old Harbour

Old Harbour/wiki/Opatija#Old_Harbour
Harbour icon Old Harbour [[Opatija#Old Harbour|Old Harbour]] 45°20.230'N, 014°18.643'E

Yachts visiting Opatija have two main berthing options (while there are small harbours at both Icici and Opatija, they are relatively shallow and invariably full of local boats).

[email protected]; Tel: +385 (51) 711-249; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channels 10 & 16

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Marina Opatija is owned by the ACI group and has 302 berths for vessels up to 40 metres in depths of 6.0 metres.
  • Marina Admiral has 160 berths for vessels up to 30 metres in depths of 4.0 metres.


There are several bays around the Gulf of Kvarner between Opatija and Rijeka where a yacht may anchor in settled weather, but a yacht is advised to seek shelter in the marinas or at Rijeka or Cres in unsettled conditions.


Water In both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Electricity In both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Toilets In both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Showers In both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Laundry In both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Garbage Bins both Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral and in the Old Harbour
Fuel Fuel dock/wiki/Opatija#Fuel_dockFuel icon Fuel dock [[Opatija#Fuel dock|Fuel dock]] 45°20.22′N, 14°18.6′E in the Old Harbour of Opatija
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Marina Opatija
Repairs Small boatyards Marina Opatija & Marina Admiral
Internet WiFi in Marina Opatija
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Eating out


  • Airports at Rijeka (40 kms) and Pula (100 kms)
  • Regular buses to Rijeka line #32. The buses depart from the main square near the Hotel Palace-Bellevue.



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Places to Visit

The long Franz Joseph I Promenade (Lungomare) runs from Volosko to Lovran though Opatija and its total length is approximately 12 kilometers. It is lined with lushly vegetated parks and imposing villas. The best known park is Park Sv. Jakova or Saint James's Park, which contains the 14th-century Benedictine abbey, Opatija Sv. Jakova, from which the town gets its name.

Among the more impressive former private villas is the Villa Angiolina, built in 1844 by wealthy Rijeka merchant Iginio Scarpa. Today the villa contains a Croatian museum of tourism. The Angiolina park is considered as the main park of Opatija, about 159 plant species grow here.

Down on the shore is Opatija’s famous bronze sculpture of the Maiden with a Seagull, created by Zvonko Car in 1956 and now one of the town’s best-known attractions.

The park of Sv. Jakova
The Villa Angiolina
The Maiden with a Seagull


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