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Circuito Cabo de Hornos
Route 1


Circuit Cabo de Hornos is crossed by nearly all boats that reach Puerto Williams or Ushuaia. The starting point is necessarily Puerto Williams as the circuit is in Chilean waters and the Zarpe must be obtained from Capitania de Puerto in Williams. Cabo de Hornos is located at the south of the island of the same name that is part of an archipelago. The navigation of 100 nm to go and 90 nm to return occurs in partially protected waters, but should not be underestimated because the winds can be very strong and in the anchorages the wind blow with violence. You can stop only in the allowed anchorages which are listed below with a brief description for each. You must contact with VHF the Alcamars along the way, well-located and attentive listening and assistance to yachts. The circuit can be covered in four/five days excluding any stop, to put into account, due to bad weather. There are not possible supplies of any kind along the way, except water in Puerto Toro.


Below is a selection of Chilean Charts:

Hinstituto Hydrografico Chile
13100 - Canal Beagle Canal Murray a Puerto Williams - scale 1:80.000
13300 - Canal Beagle e Islas al Sur - scale 1:80.000
13620 - Isla Hermite - scale 1:40.000

Climate & Weather Information


Give expected climatic & weather conditions for this passage or refer to another page (a region or island group) that covers these conditions.

Sources for Weather forecasts:

Weather Windows

You should closely monitor the weather and take advantage of any windows of wind manageable as they arise. Some times north winds arrives that will last briefly and are useful for a rapid descent to the south. It is rare but not impossible to obtain a suitable window to accomplish all the way without waiting. More likely to take advantage of two or more good weather intervals waiting in authorized bays.


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Argentina radio nets
Chile radio nets

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.

Alcamar along the way, listening VHF Ch.16. You must communicate daily the anchorage point and yours movements and contact any Alcamar when sailing in their area:

  • Puerto Williams Radio/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#.5B.5BPuerto_Williams.5D.5D_RadioHarbour icon Puerto Williams Radio [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Puerto Williams Radio|Puerto Williams Radio]] 54°56.1′S, 067°37.1′W
  • Alcamar Toro Radio/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Alcamar_Toro_RadioHarbour icon Alcamar Toro Radio [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Alcamar Toro Radio|Alcamar Toro Radio]] 55°04.8′S, 067°04.4′W
  • Picton Radio/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Picton_RadioAnchorage icon Picton Radio [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Picton Radio|Picton Radio]] 55°01.0′S, 066°55.6′W
  • Alcamar Lennox/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Alcamar_LennoxIsland icon Alcamar Lennox [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Alcamar Lennox|Alcamar Lennox]] 55°17.7′S, 066°50.2′W
  • Alcamar Wallaston/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Alcamar_WallastonIsland icon Alcamar Wallaston [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Alcamar Wallaston|Alcamar Wallaston]] 55°35.8′S, 067°22.2′W
  • Alcamar Hornos/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Alcamar_HornosAnchorage icon Alcamar Hornos [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Alcamar Hornos|Alcamar Hornos]] 55°57.8′S, 067°12.9′W

Possible Departure Points

Route/Suggested Stopovers

  1. Puerto Toro/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Puerto_ToroHarbour icon Puerto Toro [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Puerto Toro|Puerto Toro]] 55°04.8′S, 067°04.4′W Port with pier used by local fishermens of king crabs (centollas), a nice stopping point.
  2. Caleta Lennox/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Caleta_LennoxAnchorage icon Caleta Lennox [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Caleta Lennox|Caleta Lennox]] 55°17.7′S, 066°50.2′W Anchorage with good protection from winds from the west and south. It hosts Alcamar Lennox, there is pier possibly approachable from the yachts in case of need.
  3. Caleta Maxwell/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Caleta_MaxwellAnchorage icon Caleta Maxwell [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Caleta Maxwell|Caleta Maxwell]] 55°49.4′S, 067°30.7′W Good anchorage (it is called Puerto) near Cabo de Hornos and well protected from all winds, but infested by extensive stands of kelp. Frequently used in the forward path because it allows to double Cape Horn in the direction of prevailing winds from west to east.
  4. Caleta Leon (C.Hornos)/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Caleta_Leon_.28C.Hornos.29Anchorage icon Caleta Leon (C.Hornos) [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Caleta Leon (C.Hornos)|Caleta Leon (C.Hornos)]] 55°57.8′S, 067°13.5′W Bad anchorage but protected from the winds from the south and west, used only to land on the Island of Cabo de Hornos. It is absolutely necessary to leave a person on watch aboard.
  5. Caleta Martial/wiki/Circuito_Cabo_de_Hornos#Caleta_MartialAnchorage icon Caleta Martial [[Circuito Cabo de Hornos#Caleta Martial|Caleta Martial]] 55°49.3′S, 067°17.8′W Anchorage near Cabo de Hornos and well protected from the south and west winds. Frequently used in the return path.

Possible Arrival Points

The pier in Puerto Toro with an Armada Ship and some fishingboats
A fishingboat in Toro loaded with "centollon",small king crabs, different from "centolla" big king crabs
Two big centolla, big king crabs
Alcamar Lennox with the pier and a fishing boat
Near Cabo de Hornos
Cabo de Hornos and its lighthouse

Distance & Duration

Approximate Distances in nM (±5 )
Approximate Duration days + hours (non-stop, assumes an average speed of 6 knots)
[[P.Toro]] [[C.Lennox]] [[C.Maxwell]] [[C.Leon
[[C.Martial]] [[C.Lennox]] [[P.Toro]] [[P.Williams]]
[[P.Williams]] 25

These table for omogeneity with other template, but it is a non-sense for this circuit. The duration days are 4 to 5 plus the days waiting good weather at anchor.


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  • Sailed from Venice (Italy) april, 1 2014 Danbag reached with its S/Y Shaula 3 Cabo de Hornos november, 27 2014 with a 8 months navigation. I stopped in Puerto Williams for 1 month before sailing the Circuito Cabo de Hornos and I enjoied the impressive nature scenery around and the relaxed hospitality of Micalvi in a period of little inflow of boats (october and the first half of november). During my navigation to Cabo de Hornos I must wait two days anchored in Caleta Lennox with a wind of 40 knots, but after I was luky with nord wind and from Lennox I made the circuit till Caleta Martial, from here to Puerto Toro and after Puerto Williams. The total time was 7 days, 5 of navigation and 2 of waiting in C.ta Lennox.

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