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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to The Cape Verde Islands.

Cape Verde
14°55′N, 23°31′W Chart icon.png
Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde flag.png
Capital Praia
Language Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole
Currency Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE)
Time zone CVT (UTC-1)
Calling code +238
Small info.png Latest News
(Dec '09): Caution: There has been a serious outbreak of Dengue Fever on the Cape Verde Islands.

Cape Verde is an independent country of 4,033 km2 and 418,224 inhabitants. It consists of an island archipelago of 10 islands. The capital, Praia, is in the island of Santiago.

The islands, which were uninhabited, were colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th century. They used the islands, and especially the port of Mindelo, as trade center for the then flourishing slave trade from W. Africa. Most inhabitants of Cape Verde are mestiços, descendants of the white Portuguese settlers and black African slaves. Mestiços’ European ancestors also include Spanish and Italian seamen who were granted land by Portuguese Empire and followed by Portuguese settlers and exiles and Portuguese Jews who were victims of Inquisition. Today's inhabitants speak in a language with recognizable French and Portuguese words called Crioulo. They are handsome people and although poor they are very dignified. There are a number of Cape Verdean seamen who serve on Greek merchant ships and you often come across people who speak Greek. Also manu have relatives who have immigrated to the US.

The islands became independent from Portugal in 1975 but still have many economic ties with Portugal. Today they are e republic with an elected president who serves for 5 year terms under a General Assembly of elected representatives.

Mindelo is the major harbor of the island São Vicente of Cape Verde.


366 Arquipélago de Cabo Verde
51500 Cape Verde (Northern Part)
51540 Cape Verde (Southern Part)


Cape Verde is in the tropical zone. Average temperatures range from 24 °C (75 °F) in January and February to 29 °C (85 °F) in September. The average annual rainfall for Cape Verde is 68.4 mm (2.7 in), with September being the wettest month with 33.6 mm (1.3 in). Conversely, the months April to July record less than one millimetre of rainfall each. The climate is arid, but Cape Verde's position in the Atlantic contributes to soften the aridity.

Sources for weather forecast information:

  • Weather on Line Detail 7 day forecast charts for the Atlantic.
  • Wind GURU A surfer's site with worldwide wind forecasts.
  • Navtex Broadcasts List of all the Navtex broadcast times and frequencies (not kept up to date).



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Approaching from the NE is straight forward until near the Mindelo channel when the wind accelerates and is very gusty.


Cape Verde manages to have a good bureaucracy. Clearing into Cape Verde (in |Mindelo), while not hard, can be time consuming. You need to clear with the harbor, customs, and immigration (Policia de Fronteira), all in different locations and with erratic hours. The port authorities, Policia Maritima (Tel. +238 324 4144), will make you sign a form that absolves them from any responsibility in the case of theft. They also will keep your yacht papers which they will return after paying the fee (500 CVE) during clearing out. Clearing out takes longer then clearing in.

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Islands in the Group Ports & Popular Stops
Boa VistaBoa Vista/wiki/Boa_Vista_(Cape_Verde) Needs data icon – needs data |
Brava Brava /wiki/Brava Needs data icon – needs data |
Fogo Fogo /wiki/Fogo Needs data icon – needs data |
Maio Maio /wiki/Maio Needs data icon – needs data |
Sal Sal /wiki/Sal Needs data icon – needs data |
Santa Luzia Santa Luzia /wiki/Santa_Luzia Needs data icon – needs data |
SantiagoSantiago/wiki/Santiago_(Cape_Verde) Needs data icon – needs data |
Santo AntãoSanto Antão/wiki/Santo_Antao Needs data icon – needs data |
São NicolauSão Nicolau/wiki/Sao_Nicolau Needs data icon – needs data |
São VicenteSão Vicente/wiki/Sao_Vicente
Porto Grande (Mindelo), São VicentePorto Grande (Mindelo), São Vicente/wiki/Sao_Vicente Port of entry icon – port of entry |Marina icon – marina |
Mindelo Marina Mindelo Marina /wiki/Mindelo_Marina Marina icon – marina |
Praia, SantiagoPraia, Santiago/wiki/Praia Port of entry icon – port of entry |Needs data icon – needs data |
Palmeira, SalPalmeira, Sal/wiki/Palmeira Port of entry icon – port of entry |Needs data icon – needs data |


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