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Sea of Samos
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Samos Sea or the Sea of Samos is the area bounded by Samos in the N, the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey) in the E, the island of Leros to the S, and the Fourni islands in the W. In general Samos Sea is less windy than the adjacent Sea of Ikaria to its W, with the exception of the Fourni-Samos channel.

Historical interest is centered in Samos and Patmos. The rest of the islands however provide a very pleasant cruising ground. In addition to ports there many coves which provide enchanted anchorages.

It is assumed that you start your cruise from Samos and proceed in a counterclockwise direction, first sailing W to Fourni, then S to Leros, NE to Agathonisi, and finally N back to Samos. In general, it is easier near the Asia Minor (Turkey) coast to sail N.


2682 Kolpos Petalion to Nisos Nisiros
1537 Nisides Fournoi with the straits between Nisos Samos and Nisos Ikaria
1568 Ports & anchorages in eastern Agean sea: Limin Karlovasi, Limin Pithagoriou
1446 Samos Strait to Güllük Körfezi
3926 Lero island and approaches
3927 Patmos, Arki and Lipso
G34 Southern Cyclades
G32 Eastern Sporades and Coast of Turkey
54400 Samos to Rodhos
54389 Fener Adasi to Samos Strait
54402 Island of the Aegean - Fournoi
54403 Samos Strait to N. Kalolimnos
42 Andros to Chalki Island
422 Naxos to Samos & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor
423 Paros to Astypalia
451 Leros to Rhodos


In the summer months the weather is dominated by the meltemi which comes from the NW, and from NE in the Mycale channel between Samos and Turkey.

For details see Aegean Weather.

Weather Windows

The best times to tour the Sea of Samos are in the Spring, May and June, and in the autumn, September and October. You are less likely to encounter strong meltemi winds and also all the anchorages are less crowded. Other than the weather-wise unpredictable winter months, the worse time to be cruising the Sea of Samos is during the month of August. In August not only will you encounter a number of meltemi gales but all harbors and anchorages, even the most remote, will be crowded as this is the prime vacation time in Greece and the rest of the EU.

In October, especially late in the month there can be southerly winds and occasionally thunderstorms, some of which can be severe. If you are cruising during that time you should always have two possible anchorages in mind: one protected from N winds and one from the S winds.


See Aegean Sea

Possible Departure Points

These two points of departure from the island of Samos are are suggested because it is the larger island in this region. You can, however, start from any of the stopovers listed below.

Route/Suggested Stopovers

  1. Start from either Pythagorio/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BPythagorio.5D.5DHarbour icon Pythagorio [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Pythagorio|Pythagorio]] (Πυθαγόριο) 37°41.2′N, 26°57′E or Samos Marina/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BPythagorio_Marina.7CSamos_Marina.5D.5DMarina icon Samos Marina [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Samos Marina|Samos Marina]] 37°41.42′N, 26°57.45′E at the SE side of Samos (Σάμος) and
    1. sail E to the Mycale channel/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BSamos.23Approach_and_Navigation.7CMycale_channel.5D.5DWorld icon.png Mycale channel [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Mycale channel|Mycale channel]] 37°42.431'N, 027°04.528'E , then
    2. head N to Cape Praso/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#Cape_PrasoWorld icon.png Cape Praso [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Cape Praso|Cape Praso]] 37°46.568'N, 027°04.569'E , then
    3. turn W to Cape Kothsikas/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#Cape_KothsikasWorld icon.png Cape Kothsikas [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Cape Kothsikas|Cape Kothsikas]] 37°47.252'N, 026°56.741'E , and finally head N and finally
    4. enter the harbor of Vathi/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BVathi.5D.5DHarbour icon Vathi [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Vathi|Vathi]] (Βαθύ) 37°45.3′N, 26°58.3′E , distance from Pythagorio is 20 nM. You may skip this port.
  2. From Vathi you sail W along the northern coast of Samos, to the N side of Fourni (Φούρνοι), here you have two choices:
    1. stop at the harbor of Fourni, Korséi/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BFourni.23Fourni_2.7CKors.C3.A9i.5D.5DHarbour icon Korséi [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Korséi|Korséi]] (Κορσέοι) 37°34.7′N, 26°28.5′E (the distance from Vathi is 33 nM or better yet
    2. continue E for about 3 more miles to the lovely cove of Perokopió/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BFourni.23Perokopi.C3.B3.7CPerokopi.C3.B3.5D.5DAnchorage icon Perokopió [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Perokopió|Perokopió]] (Πετροκοπιό) 37°33.5′N, 26°29.13′E . The total distance from Vathi is 36 nM.
      • This is a very good place to relax away from any tourist area.
  3. After departing Fourni, head S for 19 nM to Skala/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BPatmos.23Skala.7CSkala.5D.5DHarbour icon Skala [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Skala|Skala]] (Σκάλα) 37°19.52′N, 26°32.77′E the main harbor of Patmos (Πάτμος) island.
  4. From Patmos it is an easy 10 nM sail to the lovely island of Marathi/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.23Marathi.7CMarathi.5D.5DBuoy icon Marathi [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Marathi|Marathi]] (Μαράθι) 37°22′N, 26°43.6′E .
    • Here you can relax on the tiny and crystal clear beech and have an unforgettable dinner at Pandelis.
  5. The next island to visit after Marathi is Lipsi, a distance of only 7 nM to the SSW. You can go either to the
    1. Lipsi Harbor/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLipsi.23Lipsi_Harbor.7CLipsi_Harbor.5D.5DHarbour icon Lipsi Harbor [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Lipsi Harbor|Lipsi Harbor]] (Λειψοί) 37°17.71′N, 26°45.9′E or
    2. anchor off in the two small coves just W of it, cove under a chapel/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#cove_under_a_chapelAnchorage icon cove under a chapel [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#cove under a chapel|cove under a chapel]] 37°17.8′N, 26°45.3′E or cove of a sandy beach/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#cove_of_a_sandy_beachAnchorage icon cove of a sandy beach [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#cove of a sandy beach|cove of a sandy beach]] 37°17.9′N, 26°45.5′E
    3. in the case of south winds go E of the harbor/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#E_of_the_harborAnchorage icon E of the harbor [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#E of the harbor|E of the harbor]] 37°17.51′N, 26°45.84′E , it is a fairly large bay but many local boats are moored there.
    • Lipsi is a quiet island very much favored by ecotourists.
  6. After Lipsi continue sailing S to Lakki/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Lakki.7CLakki.5D.5DHarbour icon Lakki [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Lakki|Lakki]] (Λακκί) 37°07.5′N, 26°51.1′E in the island of Leros (Λέρος), the distance is 15 nM. Here you can moor by the quay, anchor off, or use one of the 2 marinas.
    • From Lakki you can walk, about 2 km, to the rather unique War Museum in a tunnel dug by the Italians while fortifying the island in preparation for WWII.
  7. Continue S from Lakki for 6 nM to the southernmost anchorage in Leros Xerocambos/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Xerocambos.7CXerocambos.5D.5DBuoy icon Xerocambos [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Xerocambos|Xerocambos]] (Ξυρόκαμπος) 37°06.45′N, 26°52.3′E .
  8. After you depart Xerocambos you sail back N for 14 nM along the eastern side of Leros back to Lipsi stopping in Papandriá or Katsadiá/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLipsi.23Katsadia_.26_Papandria_.28Lera_Lipsi.29.7CPapandri.C3.A1_or_Katsadi.C3.A1.5D.5DAnchorage icon Papandriá or Katsadiá [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Papandriá or Katsadiá|Papandriá or Katsadiá]] (Παπανδριά or Κατσαδιά) 37°16.79′N, 26°46.22′E . On your way, if you want, you can stop in:
    1. either the small harbor of Pandéli/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Pand.C3.A9li.7CPand.C3.A9li.5D.5DHarbour icon Pandéli [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Pandéli|Pandéli]] (Παντέλι) 37°08.98′N, 26°51.77′E or in Vromolithos/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Vromolithos.7CVromolithos.5D.5DWorld icon.png Vromolithos [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Vromolithos|Vromolithos]] (Βρωμόλιθος) 37°08.8′N, 26°51.7′E , both in Leros, about 4.8 nM, or
    2. in the lovely bay of Alindas/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Alindas.7CAlindas.5D.5DAnchorage icon Alindas [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Alindas|Alindas]] (Άλινδας) 37°10′N, 26°50.4′E also in Leros, about 7 nM from Xerocambos, or
    3. in the small island of Archangelos/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLeros.23Archangelos.7CArchangelos.5D.5DAnchorage icon Archangelos [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Archangelos|Archangelos]] (Αρχάγγελος) 37°11.9′N, 26°46.3′E just to the N of Leros, about 12 nM from Xerocambos.
  9. Now you continue to sail N along the E side of Lipsi to island of Arki (Αρκοί). You have several options:
    1. you can have a temporary stop in the favorite of day-trippers Aspronisi/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLipsi.23Aspronisi.7CAspronisi.5D.5DAnchorage icon Aspronisi [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Aspronisi|Aspronisi]] (Ασπρονήσι) 37°18.4′N, 26°48.3′E , 3 nM,
    2. stop, and if you want overnight, in Platis Yialos/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BLipsi.23Platis_Yialos.7CPlatis_Yialos.5D.5DAnchorage icon Platis Yialos [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Platis Yialos|Platis Yialos]] (Πλατύς Γιαλός) 37°18.8′N, 26°44.5′E on the NE side of Lipsi, about 6 nM,
    3. end in the cove of Glipapas/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.23Glipapas.7CGlipapas.5D.5DAnchorage icon Glipapas [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Glipapas|Glipapas]] (Γλίπαπας) 37°22.32′N, 26°44.37′E in Arki, 8 nM, or
    4. end in Port Augusta/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.23Port_Augusta.7CPort_Augusta.5D.5DHarbour icon Port Augusta [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Port Augusta|Port Augusta]] 37°22.83′N, 26°44.37′E , the harbor of Arki, 9 nM.
  10. From Arki you sail NE for 14 nM to Port San Giorgio/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BAgathonisi.23Port_Ayios_Yioryios.7CPort_San_Giorgio.5D.5DHarbour icon Port San Giorgio [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Port San Giorgio|Port San Giorgio]] 37°27.4′N, 26°58′E in Agathonisi. You also have a few other options:
    1. on the way you can have a swimming stop in the lovely cove of Tiganakia/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.23Tiganakia.7CTiganakia.5D.5DAnchorage icon Tiganakia [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Tiganakia|Tiganakia]] (Τηγανάκια) 37°21.6′N, 26°45.06′E in the S of Arki,
    2. instead of Port San Giorgio in Agathonisi (Αγαθονήσι) you can anchor off in any of the nearby coves:
      1. Gaidourávlako/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BAgathonisi.23Gaidour.C3.A1vlako.7CGaidour.C3.A1vlako.5D.5DAnchorage icon Gaidourávlako [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Gaidourávlako|Gaidourávlako]] (Γαϊδουραύλακκο) 37°27.1′N, 26°57.7′E ,
      2. Tsangaris/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BAgathonisi.23Tsangaris.7CTsangaris.5D.5DAnchorage icon Tsangaris [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Tsangaris|Tsangaris]] (Τσαγκάρης) 37°27.07′N, 26°58.22′E , or
      3. Spelia/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BAgathonisi.23Spelia.7CSpelia.5D.5DAnchorage icon Spelia [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Spelia|Spelia]] (Σπηλιά) 37°27.3′N, 26°57.8′E
  11. Finally you sail 18 nM from Agathonisi back to Pythagorio/wiki/Cruising_the_Samos_Sea_Islands#.5B.5BPythagorio.5D.5DHarbour icon Pythagorio [[Cruising the Samos Sea Islands#Pythagorio|Pythagorio]] 37°41.2′N, 26°57′E thus completing our tour of the the Samos Sea Islands.

Possible Arrival Ports

Distance & Duration

See Aegean Distances Tables.


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See Aegean Sea.


See Aegean Sea.


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