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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing around Mexico

23°13.269'N, 101°30.820'W Chart icon.png
Capital Mexico City
Language Spanish, English
Currency Peso (MXN)
Time zone (UTC−8 to −5) , DST: (UTC−7 to −5)
Calling code +52

Mexico is located at about 23° N and 102° W in the southern portion of North America. It is also located in a region known as Central America. Almost all of Mexico lies in the North American Plate, with small parts of the Baja California peninsula on the Pacific and Cocos Plates. Geophysically, some geographers include the territory east of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (around 12% of the total) within Central America. Geopolitically, however, Mexico is considered part of North America along with Canada and the United States. Mexico's total area is 1,972,550 km², making it the world's 14th largest country by total area, and includes approximately 6,000 km² of islands in the Pacific Ocean (including the remote Guadalupe Island and the Revillagigedo Islands), Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of California.


Sea of Cortez
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  • Baja California Maritime Service Net
    7233.5 LSB @ 0800 Pacific Time (7 days/wk)
    Covers from Western U.S. to Puerto Vallarta (Incl. Sea of Cortez) - WX @ 0815.
  • Amigo Net
    8122 @ 1415 Zulu
    Wx & traffic
  • Chubasco Net
    7294 LSB @ 1530 Zulu

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On arrival in Mexico, yachts must go to the nearest port of entry, with the Q flag and courtesy flag hoisted. Immigration should be cleared first, then customs, quarantine and finally the port authority (API). For a fee, these formalities can be handled by agents at the major ports and at some of the marinas.

Yachts should arrive with a Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) also called Mexico Tourist Card for each crew member. FMMs are not visas, if Mexico requires a visa for entry from your country, all crew members will also need that in addition to an FMM. Both can be obtained in advance from a Mexican consulate or from the Immigration Office on arrival. The skipper should then proceed to customs with the ship's papers, the Tourist Entry Forms and clearance papers. Documents can also be obtained online here.

Foreign flagged vessels require a temporary import permit (TIP,) which is valid for ten years. The process can be started online prior to entry into Mexico at Banjercito and is now sent to you by email for printing. Formerly, TIPs included a decal that had to be displayed on the vessel. This is no longer the case. The TIP cannot be obtained in many of the ports, so check with the port captain on the closest port that issues the permits. The TIP allows importation of repair parts and upgrades without payment of import duties--although some officials have differing interpretations of the regulations.

A health permit may be required, but is seldom enforced. Health officials may inspect the yacht, or the crew may be required to visit the hospital for a health clearance. At least one port, La Paz, BCS, requires a health inspection of the yacht before clearing out of the country, although most ports do not require this inspection.

The ship's papers and six (6) crew lists (in Spanish) are required. Forms for crew lists (in Spanish) are available either before or after arrival, for a fee. All the officials will stamp and sign all the crew lists and each official will retain a copy. At the Mexican Port of arrival, it is advisable to list all places the yacht might visit on the crew list and remember to include the last port of call before exiting from the country.

Once you have officially cleared into the country, it is necessary to clear in and out with the port captain at each port of call. A list of Port Captains and their contact information is here. Interpretations of the official regulations vary with each port captain, but officially you only need to contact the port captain on the VHF (channel 16) when entering and leaving, assuming that you have checked into the country. Some port captains require paperwork from you last port, but will reluctantly allow you to check into their port if you tell them that the previous port only required a radio check out. Some port captains will not issue any paper clearance papers, so it can be difficult when encountering a port captain that requires papers from your last port. Many of the marinas keep a register of arrivals and departures and will contact the port captain on your behalf--check with local cruisers for the most up to date information.

Mexico has published a PDF guide to help cruisers understand the process, which can be viewed here.


The port captain, customs and immigration must be visited with six more copies of the crew list, and a departure clearance form obtained from the port captain. Although this document may not be requested when clearing into the next country, it is necessary to have it in the event of being stopped by a Mexican Navy vessel while still in Mexican waters. If wishing to stop anywhere in Mexico after clearing out, this should be put on the outward clearance by the relevant official. The cruising permit and tourist cards must be returned. Any registered marina can clear boats in and out of port for their clients.

Special Note: Fishing Licences
Make sure that if you even have one fishing hook on board (whether you intend to use it or not) that you have fishing licences for the vessel AND each crewmember. Fishing Licence Request Form

Also see sv Sea Trek's Blog - Clearing in to Mexico

Customs and Immigration


Citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, U.S.A., European Union (except France), Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland and Uruguay require a Tourist Card. This can be obtained from Mexican consulates, tourist offices, etc., or on arrival. Most other countries require a visa, that must be obtained in advance.

The Mexican Tourist Card is valid for up to six months although sometimes only a 90 days stay is stamped on arrival by immigration. Those who wish to stay longer must ask immigration at the first port of entry to stamp the passport to be valid for the entire six-month period allowed under Mexican law.

Application to extend the tourist card beyond six months can be done in Mexico City at: Secretaria de Gobernacion, Direccion General de Asuntos Jurídicos, Avenida Juarez 92, 2nd floor (post address: CP06500), Tel. 535-2718. Should you have proof of possessing US$500 per month of intended stay, renewal of Tourist Cards and visas (which take several weeks), can be done at a local immigration office.

A Tourist Card is needed to leave the country, and if lost, can take about a week to replace. Passports and tourist cards must be carried at all times in Mexico.


  • All firearms and ammunition MUST have a permit, and be declared on arrival. These will be kept in custody until your departure. The penalties for having unauthorised firearms and ammunition on board are severe and can lead to the seizure of the vessel and imprisonment of the captain.
  • PETS - Animals require a veterinary health certificate and dogs and cats also require an anti-rabies vaccination certificate. Both certificates must be shown to a Mexican consul to obtain an import permit for the animals in advance. U.S. visitors to Mexico may bring a dog or cat by presenting the following documents:
    • A Pet Health certificate signed by a registered Veterinary registered in the U.S. and issued not less than 72 hours before the animal enters Mexico.
    • Pet Vaccination Certificate showing that the animal has been innoculated against rabies, hepatitis, pip and leptospirosis.

From Yacht "Custody":
Leaving a yacht in Mexico for over six months is possible if it is left in an authorised marina (if the owner is a foreign national and not resident in Mexico). The owner (or his legal representative) must however visit the vessel at least once a year to renew the custody documentation.

Health & Security


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Gulf of Mexico
(East Coast)
Pacific Coast
(West Coast)
Sea of Cortez Offshore Islands
Cozumel Poe.jpg
|Puerto Aventuras
Puerto Morelos Poe.jpg
Xcalak Poe.jpg
Acapulco Poe.jpg
Cabo San Lucas Poe.jpg
Cedros Island Island icon.png Poe.jpg
Ensenada Poe.jpg
Huatulco Poe.jpg
La Paz Poe.jpg
Lazaro Cardenas Poe.jpg
Manzanillo Poe.jpg
Mazatlan Poe.jpg
Puerto Angel Poe.jpg
Puerto Escondido Poe.jpg
Puerto Madero Poe.jpg
Puerto Vallarta Poe.jpg
Salina Cruz Poe.jpg
San Blas Poe.jpg
San Carlos
Santa Rosalia Poe.jpg
Zihuatenejo Poe.jpg
Sea of Cortez
All Mexico's (Pacific) Offshore Islands Island icon.png
Islas de Revillagigedo Island icon.png Poe.jpg
Isla Mujeres Island icon.png Poe.jpg
Coronado Islands Island icon.png

Marinas and Yacht Clubs

See each Port/Stop for local Marinas/Yacht Clubs.

Dry Storage in Mexico

  • Marina Real San Carlos. Ph:- 011-52(622)2270011, Fax:- 011-52 (622) 2270111.
  • Marina Seca, San Carlos Ph:- 011-52 (622) 2261061/2, Fax:- 011-52 (622) 2261046.
  • Opequimar Marine Center, Puerto Vallarta Ph:- 011-52 (322) 2211800, Fax:- 011-52 (322) 2211978.
  • Astilleros de La Paz. Ph:- 011-52 (112) 1216383, Fax:- 011-52 (112) 1216383.


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Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Banderas Bay: Andy Barrow (Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer for Puerto Vallarta) [email protected]


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