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Anchorage of Ormos Valtou, Parga looking E

Parga is a very popular and busy tourist resort lying on the Ionian coast of Greece, 15 miles SE of Igoumenitsa and 25 miles NW of Preveza. Originally a small village with a tiny port on the E side and a long shingle beach on the W, Parga has now expanded into the leading tourist destination on the mainland coast of W Greece. Of the Ionian tourist destinations, only Corfu attracts more summer visitors. The town is dominated by an imposing Venetian castle crowning the peninsula around which it sits, which is a useful landmark on arrival. For the visiting yachtsman, the only realistic berthing option is to anchor on the NW side of the long beach to the W of the town, Ormos Valtou, where shelter is reasonably good from the prevailing NW winds. Out of season and in settled weather, it may be possible for one or two yachts to anchor in the small bay to the E of the tiny port, although shelter here is less good.


206 Corfu: Channels
G11 Nísos Kérkira to Nísos Levkas
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
10 Kerkyra


In summer the weather conditions are typical for the northern Ionian. The early morning is usually calm. At about 11:00 the first light wind starts to blow from the NW into the bay, increasing as the afternoon passes and then dying away again in the evening.



  • Nisos Panayia is a small islet off the E bay with nothing but a small church on it.
  • Corfu
  • Paxos


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 03

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Most yachts make for the W anchorage off the beach in Ormos Valtou. The headland of Ak Ag. Spiridonhos at the W end of the bay needs to be given a clearance of at least 100 metres as there is a dangerous reef extending off it. There is also a water sports platform in the center of the bay which is poorly lit at night, so a night approach requires care.


Anchorage of E bay, Parga (beyond the islet)
View from battlements of Parga Castle
Parga beach during the season
Anchoring bows-to on Parga beach



Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Anchor in the NW corner of Ormos Valtou, as close to the end of the breakwater of the small craft harbour as your draft permits. Depths are 4.0 – 5.0 metres here and the holding is good in sand and weed. The wash from local boats, small ferry boats and high-speed water-sports craft (which use the whole bay) can make life rather uncomfortable during the day. Shelter is good here in the prevailing NW winds, although a swell enters at night. The bay is open S and any fresh to strong winds from that direction make it untenable.

Alternatively, and out of season only, it is possible to anchor in the small cove E of the Venetian castle and the harbour. The harbour itself has a long jetty which is constantly busy with tripper boats during the summer and anchoring anywhere in the approaches is forbidden. The small cove just E of it is a popular swimming beach from June round to September and yachts are not welcomed, but it can be used out of season. Anchor in the centre in 4.0 – 5.0 metres. The holding is good in sand.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins near the small craft harbour at the W side of Ormos Valtou
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet At internet cafes in the town
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Europcar and Budget Rentacar in the town


Provisions shops in the town. Fresh fish shop in Parga town.

Eating out

Every conceivable type of eatery, from gyros bars to fine dining establishments.


  • Buses to Igoumenitsa, Preveza and Athens.
  • Ferries to Paxos.


The Venetian castle is well worth a visit. Although it is poorly maintained and the pathways are rather rough, the views from its battlements are superb. It is also just possible to appreciate the charms of Parga village as it once was, if you ignore the gaudy trappings of the souvenir shops, bars and tavernas that occupy virtually every building along the waterfront.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Ionian Sea.


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  • A delightful setting with a spectacularly sited castle, but not a place to come for peace and quiet. We had the pleasure of listening to an all-night disco from one of the beach cafes. --Athene of Lymington 14:01, 1 October 2012 (BST)
  • Certainly worth a visit. The west cove offers limited stern-to mooring on the breakwater. It is also possible to 'land' a fin-keeled vessel directly opposite the breakwater in craft up to about 40 ft. Use a kedge and then walk your front anchor onto the beach. Mooring this way is regularly done by the roaming flotillas. The breakwater makes for an absolute flat calm at night, unlike the uncomfortable swell that curls around the anchorage. If anchoring, I would advise all to avoid the area near the tip of the breakwater. This is where the mini motorboats have buoyed off an area for themselves, and they will zoom around you at speed, intent it seems on scaring their punters by almost smashing them into your boat. --BenPikeUK
  • Out of season (late October) we have moored on the short side of the concrete quay in O. Ag. Athanasiou. There is one place there for a bigger boat which cannot drop anchor on the long sides of the concrete quay. The quay is very high and getting to shore on the reclined gangway a bit of an adventure. Two smaller boats were moored on the S side of the quay.

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