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Porto Santo Island
There are Port(s) of Entry here
33°03.991'N, 016°20.828'W Chart icon.png
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Madeira PortoSantoS.jpg
Satellite View of Porto Santo

Porto Santo is the second inhabited island of the Madeira archipelago. The Madeira archipelago is an autonomous region of Portugal.

For more details see Madeira.


See Madeira.


See Madeira.



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Approaching to Porto Santo from the East

The approach to Porto Santo is straightforward, even, at night.


Porto Santo Harbor is a port of entry into Portugal. The customs authorities are within the harbor complex. They are very prompt, efficient, and friendly.

For more details see Portugal.


The harbor of Porto Santo is not only closer to Gibraltar but it is more comfortable than Funchal.

There are two possibilities here: the marina (within the harbor) or anchoring off inside the harbor.

Warning: With strong easterly winds a bad swell development.


The harbor of Porto Santo

Porto Santo Harbor

Porto Santo Harbor/wiki/Porto_Santo_Island#Porto_Santo_Harbor
World icon.png Porto Santo Harbor [[Porto Santo Island#Porto Santo Harbor|Porto Santo Harbor]] 33°03′N, 16°19.′W

This is a large harbor. The Porto Santo Marina is within the harbor.

Caution: Watch out for some metal buoys at the harbor entrance.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


You can anchor off within the harbor.


Water At the pontoons of the marina
Electricity At the pontoons of the marina
Toilets In marina
Showers In marina
Laundry Drop your laundry at the Pato Bravo restaurant, within the harbor
Garbage There are bins around the marina
Fuel There is a fuel station within the harbor along the main breakwater. The fuel comes from subterranean tanks but it is pumped by a trailer to which hoses are connected. Ask for the fuel man either at the marina office or at the restaurant. The fuel concession is independent of the marina.
Bottled gas In town
Chandlers None, however the marina has a few parts
Repairs Limited, ask at the marina office
Internet Also, at the Club Nautico within the harbor you can use their PCs and iMacs and they will let you connect your computer to their DSL line.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals In the town


In the town there is also a good supermarket where you can get supplies, including the famous Madeira wine.

Eating out

  • Reasonable food at the Pato Bravo, within the harbor
  • The best restaurant on the island is reputed to be the O Calhetas at the Punta da Calheta. It is good.
  • Good food also at the Forno in town 20 minutes walk from the harbor




Give a short history of the island.

Places to Visit

In Porto Santo

A must see in the town is Christopher Columbus' house, which is now a museum. It is not very big but it has several displays that outline the long history of the Madeira islands.

A motor-scooter is an ideal way of touring the island.

Starting from the marina and go along the NE to Sera de Fore and to Pico do Cabrita. There is a rough footpath up to Pico Branco along the steep cliffs. From there you will be treated to a nice view of the rocks and the surf. The NE side of the island, is very desolate and it is almost a moonscape. Continued on to Canacha and Pico do Costela, with nice pinewoods.

Going W along the south coast to Punta da Calheta, another place with very impressive breaking waves. The waves break on the shallows between Porto Santo and the little island Ilheu de Braixa. On the way back it is worth deviating N then W, over the hills to Cabeca do Zimbrallnho, with a view of Braixa and beyond. Then ride to Morenos, a desert like area with lots of cacti and aloes.

Columbus' House in Porto Santo
The Beech next to the Harbor
Pico do Cabrita
The Cliffs of Pico Branco
View from Cabeca do Zimbrallnho
Visit Madeira Grande

It is easy to visit Madeira Grande from Porto Santo. While your boat is safe in the marina you can take the catamaran ferry to Funchal. Just make sure the marina knows that you will be gone and that you have secured your yacht against easterly winds.


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See Madeira.


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  • We spent a rather pleasant week in Porto Santo waiting out a gale but he fetch within the harbor was fierce. --Istioploos

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